A Photo Essay of Peru

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is my buddy CK, who is a food and travel photographer. We managed to persuade him to share some of his most amazing Peru shots here on our blog. Very happy to have him do a photo essay for us.. here is CK!

One of my all time favourite travel destinations has got to be Peru. Everybody knows what an amazing place Peru is but sometimes I feel at a loss for words, to explain just how wonderful and captivating this land is to a visitor from the East, such as me. You see, Peru is home to snow-capped mountains, giant sand dunes, amazing exotic tropical birds, daunting volcanoes and gorgeous Pacific outcroppings that will have you gasping and trying to reach for that perfect shot with your camera. Peru offers such a wide range of experiences that it can be difficult to choose between them, but let me not write anymore, but rather show you, what Peru means to me.

When words fail me, I turn to my favorite shots of Peru, which pretty much sums up my off-the-beaten path journey, in search of the pulse of Peru..

01 cowboy3

1. Young shepherds on the plains of the Sacred Valley, Peru

02 field

2. The rustic landscape of the Sacred Valley

03 Jagung

3. Peru is home to over 50 varieties of corn

04 old lady

4. An elderly Peruvian woman walks past the historical walls of Cusco

05 old man

5. A musician plays his instrument in the streets of Cusco

06 Mach Picchu 1

6. Machu Picchu, Peru: a dream destination that I had wanted to visit after reading my favourite author Echo’s books … and finally I was there!

07 Machu Picchu2

7. Aerial view of Machu Picchu

08 Machu Picchu3

8. The view through the windows (Machu Picchu)

09 Moray

9. The sacred Incan circles of Moray

10 Maras salt mines

10. After a snowstorm? – The salt mines of Maras

11 Pukara 1

11. Pukara, a small town en route to Puno: My soul told me I have been here before

12 Pukara 2

12. A construction worker in Pukara

13 Lake Titicaca 1

13. Traditional dancers of Lake Titicaca with their colourful, twirling skirts

14 Lake Titicaca 2

14. A boatman harvesting the totora (lake reeds)

15 Lake Titicaca 3

15. The world highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca

16 Lake Titicaca 5

16. Transforming the harvested totora reeds into weaved layers used to build the floating
islands of Uros

17 Lake Titicaca 4

17. “Row, row, row your boat …”


About this Week’s Guest writer:

CK Lim collects jars of artisanal peanut butter from around the world. He’s also a food and travel photographer. His shots have been featured in Time Out KL, The Malaysian Insider, Men’s Folio, I.M. Magazine, and the official website of Michelin-starred Cobéa Restaurant Paris. Feast your eyes on more stunning images at his blog HERE!


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