Petronas Deepavali Webisodes – Behind The Scene Filming

Some of you might have noticed via our Facebook and Instagram feeds that we were up in Penang, for the behind the scenes filming on the Petronas Deepavali Webisodes. That’s right, Petronas has created a series of 4 webisodes which will go on air on their official YouTube channel from 12th of November onwards.


Hosted by popular radio DJ Aanantha, his brother DJ Ram, hip hop artist Altimet, TV host Megan Tan and Astro Vaananil superstar champion Alinda, the episodes will feature the rich traditions and heritage of the Deepavali celebrations – this incredible 4 part series will take us on a festive journey, from Seremban to Penang. The 4 webisodes will air from the 12 of November onwards, so look out for our announcements here as we will be showing you some exclusive insights into the making of the webisodes.

Deepavali, which literally means “festival of lights”, is celebrated by Hindus across the world and is the most important festival in Hinduism. Deepavali is the celebration of good over evil, and light overcoming darkness. While there are various legends that inspire this festival, the common tale is about how Narakasura won the favor of God and was blessed with the rule of a kingdom. He ruled his kingdom with tyranny, which led his subjects to appeal to Lord Sri Krishna, the divine ruler of Madura, for help. Narakasura was subsequently killed by Lord Krishna in battle and on Lord Krishna’s return, the city was in complete darkness as it was the night of a new moon. To celebrate his victory and to welcome Lord Krishna, the people lit lamps, and to this day, Hindus mark the victory of Lord Krishna over King Narakasura by lighting oil lamps.


handmade oil lamps


Deepavali is usually celebrated over a 2-week period. Preparations to usher in this auspicious event will begin with the spring cleaning of the homes and decorating it with lamps. Another tradition is the creation of Rangoli or Kolam at the entrances to homes and temples. Rangoli are floor decorations created with coloured rice paste and powder. On the morning of Deepavali, Hindus will have a traditional oil bath. Oil extracted from fermented sesame seeds are rubbed on the body. New clothes will be donned before the family say special prayers at the family altar. Visits to the temple will follow, where devotees will ask for blessing from Lord Krishna and the Goddess of Wealth.


New clothes are worn during Deepavali and sweets and snacks are shared. Some Indian communities also begin the financial year on Deepavali for auspicious reasons. Yes indeed, Deepavali is one of the most well known festivals around the world, and yet, many Malaysians are unaware of the fascinating, vibrant activities, that go on leading up to, as well as during Deepavali. And this is why Petronas decided to dedicate a series of webisodes – to bring light and understanding of our heritage to as many people as possible.


This rare insight into the lives of our Hindu brothers, will give an amazing perspective to both Hindus and non-Hindus alike. Episode 1 talks about the Story of Deepavali, Episode 2 talks about Cultures and Traditions, Episode 3, Talks about the traditional Food and Snacks of Deepavali and Episode 4 covers the actual celebrations on Deepavali day.

Our first stop will be a home in Seremban. We get a sneak preview into what goes on in a Hindu home, on the eve of Deepavali. Stay tuned for more on this!

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