Reminiscing Ramadan

The fasting period for Muslims worldwide has just begun. And Ramadan or Ramadhan as it is known to all Muslims, lasts 29 to 30 days. It is a period where Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinks during daylight hours, swearing, smoking, and even engaging in sexual relations.


Malaysian Bazaar.. what a great vibe.. 


Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a period of penance where Muslims reflect on their past actions, to be more charitable, and to strengthen their religious faith through prayer worship and reciting words of the Quran. Hence, it is a period to free the mind of impurities, to forgive, and cleanse the soul to be a better person to neighbours and to Allah. The good deeds performed is to receive thawab or rewards from the one above.


snacks pile high at the food bazaar at Shah Alam.. and still the people keep coming..







Bubur Lambuk

For non-Muslims living in a majority muslim nation, the month of fasting would mean we are treated to uncongested roads during the day as there are fewer vehicles on the roads but a more crowded shopping center. Many Muslims will reduce outdoor activities to conserve energy thereby reducing hunger and thirst. However, between 4 to 7pm, the roads will become congested as Muslims start leaving their work for their journey home to break fast with their close ones. During this travel time, the rest of the populace will attempt to avoid driving or using the public transport system.


Cool shades Mr.Takoyaki


 Lonely Rainbow Cake



Grilled Pressed Cuttlefish with chopped nuts and spicy sweet prawn sauce

During Ramadan in Malaysia,  we are treated to the endless evening bazaars where working Muslims without time to cook, will flock to purchase their food for breaking fast. The town councils will offer temporary licenses and designated locations for enterprising individuals to open stalls to sell a variety of food and services to profit from the season.


A Smurf drink?


Vibrant Sarawak style layer cake


What would you like to drink?


In terms of marketing, product differentiation is vital for businesses to standout, to entice customers, and to increase their margins. Each year we find stalls creating ingenious little changes in their offerings, or introducing new products to entice more customers to their stalls. They chant, sing songs and deck out their stalls with bright colors to capture our attention.


Hot oil bath


Coconut Kuih


Getting ready to fold the 1.5 foot long Roti John

In one day’s time, the Ramadan fasting period will draw to a close and there will be a big celebration with fireworks and more feasting. In Malaysia, the exodus for families returning to their hometown or village to visit their grand parents has already begun since last weekend. They will be celebrating the Eid al-Fitr or ‘Feast of Breaking the Fast’, marking the end of Ramadan. Following this date, there will be open houses where muslims and non-muslims friends will visit one another to share in the joys of a successful fasting month. With the end of the fasting month, non-muslims will surely miss the bazaar attractions and the freer roads. Next week, it will be back to more traffic snarls and irate drivers on our roads.


Unchain my heart


Stamping the Denderam dough into rings or donut shape to be fried into a chewy sweet desserts


Rotisserie Chicken


‘Gearbox’ soup


Kelantanese style rice


Grilled Perchik Chicken on bamboo clamps


“But I wanted that one”



“We walked the entire bazaar.. time to go home and buka puasa with the family! “

Wishing all our Muslim Readers, Happy Eid Mubarak / Selamat Hari Raya… and to the rest of our readers, Happy Hols!  

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