Yang Kee Famous Homemade Beef Noodles @ Sea Park

Yang Kee Famous Beef Ball noodles, deserves its fine reputation as a hawker stall that serves some of the tastiest beef ball noodles in town. As we haven’t interviewed the owner, we weren’t sure if his stall is related to the one on Peel Road or OUG Garden. Nevertheless, this has got to be our favourite Beef Ball noodle shop in Petaling Jaya.


Not the cheapest of hawker meals, beef ball noodles has long been a hot favourite of ours as well as our folks. In our youth, our families would normally venture into KL, for the famous beef ball noodles at Soong Kee (Jalan Tun HS Lee) or Ngau Kee (Jalan Tengkat Tung Shin), for our fix on the weekend evening. They were and still are the ‘go to’ stalls for the beefy dish until today – especially in the evenings till the wee hours. But if you are hankering for some good tasting beef ball noodles, or beef tripe for lunch, where should you go?


Petaling Jaya’s SEA Park neighbourhood is the place that houses a ‘famous’ Yang Kee Beef ball noodle shop. Some folks find this place just so-so, but we find it pretty awesome. You just need to order the right stuff and ignore everything else.


You will notice from the signage that they do a massive range of beef based noodles such as beef slices, beef mix, dumpling wantan and pork ball noodles too. For me, the highlight is always the Lobak Ngau lam. Try to envision soft, tender, braise sirloin with just enough cartilage and wobbly bits to make you go oooo.. and served up in a thick, dark, starchy beef sauce that’s rich with radish and beef stock flavour. We like to shovel this down with a hot bowl of rice, and loads of chili sauce. Oh pretty awesome stuff.


The beef ball noodles are good – not the best in the world but definitely above average. The noodles are cooked al dente and you can see the cook checking the texture every time he makes a batch. Once noodles are dropped in the bowl, the cook generously tops off the noodles with a flavourful, dark minced beef topping. The accompanying beef balls have a nice bounce to it and are served in a tasty beef stock soup. Of course as with all hawker stalls, there is MSG in the soup so go easy on it. When a dash of the chili was added to the beef balls or mince meat, we felt it accentuated the flavours in the dish.


And though Cumi steers clear of this, I do love my tripe. I actually like it for lunch, I like it for dinner, and I could possibly like it for breakfast too. If I see it on a menu, I go for it. In short, I have never met a cow stomach I didn’t like. The tripe here at Yang Kee has been braised for hours into a rich and melty stew. It is a wonder that Sea Park ain’t already crawling with tripe addicts, such as yours truly.

The damage? Only RM6.50 for the medium beef ball noodles with beef balls. RM6.80 for the braise sirloin with radish (lobak ngau lam).

It has to be said, that the best things in life are wobbly.




Yang Kee Restoran, opposite Maybank/Shell Sea Park, behind KFC



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