Time to get your Cronuts at Delectable by Su

Have you guys heard about this thing called the Cronut, a hybrid snack that’s taking the world by storm?

Well in New York, the Cronut has seen throngs of people queuing up for the treat and it has also launched a thousand news stories and food blog entries. The brainchild of Dominique Ansel, his bakery has just set off a new fad that’s overtaken almost every other fad.. from the cupcake to the macaron.

So what exactly is this Cronut?

Well, if you take a bite out of a croissant and then take a bite out of a doughnut, that is essentially the texture you will get in the Cronut. The dough is, flaky and very light and fluffy. It is similar to croissant dough. It is filled with cream inside, a warm sugar, and glaze on top.

And it is very fun to eat.


Lemon Strawberry

The difficulty is finding the right ratio, the right proportion of the dough, the flakiness.. and making sure that it is nicely fresh and fried each day, not too greasy.. and something you could fill with cream.

Well the good news folks is that you don’t need to traverse the world to NY to indulge in the Cronut. Right now, Delectable by Su has created a Cronut of their own.

It’s soft yet crunchy, light and delicious..


Cut it in half and see all the layers, and maybe peel them off one by one..


There is now only life pre and post Cronut…


Yes indeed folks.. the Cronuts have arrived! Today.. noon at Delectable Treats @ THE GARDENS ..



Time to get your Cronut on.. 😉


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