Movie Review: World War Z (2013)

If you are fans of Muse, the English rock band, and had listened to latest 2nd Law album and found the title song fit for a movie, then you were probably thinking like Brad Pitt. The guy who found the Exorcist theme-like song, the ideal accompaniment for his new movie, World War Z, the book inspired zombie apocalyptic flick that has garnered nearly USD25 million on its first day at the US box office on 21 June.


World War Z (WWZ) is one of the first big budgeted blockbuster summer movies of 2013. Brad Pitt is the one of the producers, and also leads the cast in this disaster movie which features a zombie plague spreading across all nations around globe, and a former UN worker racing around the world and against time to find a cure. With a big budget, and plenty of computer graphic imagery, is WWZ worth your time, your brain cells, and money?


If you are into computer graphics, disaster movies and Brad Pitt, then it is definitely worth your time and money. Your brain, though, can take a rest as you need to leave logic at the door to swallow the silly plot created by the writers to support the movie. While Brad Pitt and the rest of the cast do a decent job acting, it is the silly plot and several stupid scenes that got me irritated from midway of preview. Without giving too much away, it is Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, which annoyed me the most. While I can accept the premise that an experienced UN problem solver in war torn countries might be able to save the world, and giving him (and him alone) the superior observation and analytical skills above the best researchers and scientists in the world, is just way too far fetch. Certainly the solution you will soon discover from watching movie (or not), is merely a textbook solution that would have been instantly noticed by just any other regular scientist.

World_War_Z_flying zombie

WWZ zombies have the agility and strength to leap like wild animals

The experienced film director, Marc Forster famous for great movies like Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction and Monster’s Ball fails to sustain the suspense and intrigue to the very end. It might have been due to a production so large and wide that it was beyond the scope of his capabilities, or just plain weak screenplay.


“Doormino’s, do you deliver in times of a zombie outbreak?”

To sum up, the first half of the movie is great then starts faltering somewhere in the middle. Still, there is sufficient suspense, thrills, and action with dashes of humor thrown in to lighten the tension. More than enough for regular viewers wanting a Hollywood movie that entertains. The current rating of 7.4 on IMDB is certainly too high on my watch, though.

World_War Z WHO


“Where’s that &*^$ pizza??!”

World War Z has been at war in Malaysian cinemas since 20 June 2013



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