Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Fans of science fiction and Trekkies will have another reason celebrate with the latest installment of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s journey into deep space. Star Trek Into Darkness is coming to a cinema near you soon.

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J.J. Abrams the director who brought us the 2009 re-boot of the Star Trek franchise is back with an ambitious science fiction thriller that will have you cheering for more by the time the 132 minutes is up (less in the Malaysia due to the censorship snippings).

Shot in a hybrid mix of IMAX and anamorphic 35mm, audiences will experience a heightened viewing pleasure of spectacular special effects laden deep space journey filled with wild starship chases, epic battles, and human drama. Even better when viewed in IMAX 3D.

USS Enterprise falling to Earth

Not being a fan of Star Trek, whether the television series or the movie versions, I walked into the preview without much knowledge about its premise or having big expectations. The first half hour’s script had been a little loose. I thought it was an absurd scene to have Captain Kirk, while at a round table meeting with some of the brightest leaders in the intergalactic Starfleet organization, be the only person to question the reasons behind a sinister bombing in a large research lab. Captain Kirk isn’t exactly the brightest of troopers. If Spock had made the analysis, it would have been more justifiable. I thought I would soon give up on the show just because of that one silly scene. However, as the plot unraveled further with a lot more action (thanks to Abram’s preference for little more action to go with the typical Trekkie dialogue), the movie sped into high gears with several plot twists, giving the audience much more intrigue and edge of the seat entertainment. Around me, the audience sat still with their eyes and 3D glasses glued to the mega screen.

Human and Vulcan touch

An emo scene between Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock which will probably go down as the ‘gay-est’ scene in Star Trek history

Carla Marcus (Alice Eve) changing into something more comfortable

A scene with voluptuous Alice Eve as Carol Marcus that did not make it out of the censorship mills… but you get you see part of what’s missing here

Khan imprisoned

While young and beautiful cast of Chris Pines, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban do a decent performance in stepping back into their iconic roles for the franchise with the inclusion of a new hottie, Alice Eve, it is Benedict Cumberbatch who steals the limelight and should be the number 1 reason why you need to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. The beguiling evil, crazy, genius and genetically engineered super human, Khan, that he plays, is what makes a good movie great. Cumberbatch which you might recognise from the television series, Sherlock, plays his complex and intense character so convincingly that whenever he appears onscreen, he overwhelms the rest of the actors.

IMDB average ratings has given Star Trek Into Darkness an 8.4 rating. I put it at a 7.

Fight between Vulcan Spock and super human Khan

Khan – “I hate your hairstyle, Spock!”

Spock – “I hate your dimples!”


Star Trek Into Darkness starts screening in Malaysian cinemas 16 May 2013


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