Movie Review – Iron Man 3

Marvel’s ” Iron Man 3 ” pits slick, brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/ Iron Man against an enemy who is equally slick and cunning…

The essence of this movie is really about the “stripped-down” iron man. It kind of reminds me of Skyfall, where Bond goes back to basics, in the final confrontation with the enemy. Seems like a trend these days, where less is indeed, best.

Though the show went on for a good 130-minute running time, we hardly felt it. And a big tip – if you do feel like leaving during the cascading credits, don’t. There’s a little splash of awesome, at the end of it all..


So, the film opens with a flash back to Stark’s playboy past – one-night stands, hot chicks, empty promises and what have you. He meets scientist Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) and social outcast, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce).. and in true to ole playboy Stark form, he manages to blow both of them off before the night is over. Back to the present time, Stark is now reformed and much more grounded but dealing with anxiety attacks from the recent war that the Avengers had to fight with aliens. He leaves in his wake, a string of old enemies that he seems to have forgotten about, but who have not forgotten him.

Enter The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) who is now wrecking havoc on America – the man responsible for several bomb attacks all over the US of A. These attacks occur without any trace of bomb devices. And so the plot thickens.. how did they do it?


After Happy Hogan (Stark’s bodyguard) is injured in one of these bomb blasts, Stark takes to the airwaves to state his intent to track down The Mandarin. This simply leads to a rocket attack on Stark’s clifftop home, and where Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is eventually taken by the baddie, Aldrich Killian, with the help of Stark’s ex-fling Hall.


I liked the fact that Stark spends a lot more of the movie without his armour, and the best scenes might be the stunning freefall stunt where Iron Man is obliged to swoop through the sky gathering falling White House aides and persuading them to link up in a life-saving daisy chain as well as the grand finale, where a Stark’s entire collection of ironman armours show up to do battle.

oil rig

Other fantastic highlights include the point where Gwyneth Paltrow gets to wear the Iron Man armour .. and.. oh, but that’s revealing too much already!


One last reminder, Marvel fans, please wait till the end. There is a nice surprise in store.. it will be worth the wait;)

Great entertainment – you might not have your mind blown, but you will definitely enjoy the ride the way it was designed by Shane Black. All I can say is, bring on “Iron Man 4,” “Iron Man 5,” and “Iron Man 6”.. hell yeah!

Cumi: There were some plot holes which could have helped the audience understand certain characters’ motives but still forgivable with such an entertaining movie as a whole. I was impressed with the ending credits comic style graphic sequences and the Iron Man 3 Main Titles theme, Can You Dig It, a throwback to 60-70s style bouncy orchestrated music with strings, bongo beats, horns, organs and tambourine – you could have mistaken it for a fun spy film! Brilliant music composition and arrangements by Brian Tyler but absolutely hated the inclusion of Eiffel 65’s annoying eurodance hit, Blue (Da Ba Dee).

IM3-Falling Keyart

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