Jai Hind at Masjid India

Take the tube down to the Masjid Jamek (MJ) stop during lunch hour, has become a norm for us, especially on the weekends, when the traffic is horrendous and we cannot be asked to drive. There tucked away, a mere 5 minute stroll from the MJ tube stop, just further along down OCBC bank, you will see Jai Hind, a somewhat iconic restaurant, serving authentic North Indian food.

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the strapping bloke who churns out the naan

We sometimes get to Jai Hind late, and we notice that all the good dishes have run out. You need to come early for lunch if you want sample the best selection of dishes. Jai Hind spans the length of three shop lots, at the extreme end, two strapping lads churn out the naans (flat bread) like minions on steroids. They work so fast, it was near impossible to get a clear shot of the guy placing the naan into the burner, but in the end I managed. The middle shop lot is the main eating area and holds the buffet spread as well. The shop lot on the extreme left houses the sweets section and you will see a nice lady making the Indian sweets in an orderly fashion here.


fresh naan, being made, a mile a minute.. smack them into the sides of the hot burner as fast as you can!


the sweet lady who makes kulfi – you must tapau these for your tea-time snack later in the day


Nuts about naan!

Jai Hind Masjid Jamek1

The boys pose for a photo


Eat with your hands for added flavour.. and added satisfaction


The buffet

Jai Hind is a little rough around the edges, and not exactly a classy joint.. and you might end up having to serve yourself, but at least the toilets are clean, and the food is out of this world! Sit down and order your drinks and then you can go help yourselves to the servings (buffet style) of Dry mutton Curry, Chicken Varuval, Vadai soaked in Yoghurt, Chickpeas, Palak Paneer, Tandoori Chicken, Prata and other North Indian delectables – you name it, they got it. The biryani rice is out of this world here – fans of the long grain basmati, take heart.. only the best grains at Jai Hind. Basmati rice with its thin, fine grains is the best for mopping up stray dollops of curry on your plate. Ghee is like the butter that fuses everything together, lending a most sensational experience to this meal. The North Indian cuisine at Jai Hind rocks my socks off I tell you. I opt for Chapati to go with my rich flavoured dishes, and Cumi opts for naan.

When it comes to the must haves at Jai Hind, Palak Paneer is really my favourite of the lot, and it is a traditional North Indian dish which consists of spices and spinach cooked to a pulp (a sodden green mushy heap!) with only cubes of paneer cheese (Indian cottage cheese) sticking out of the green moss, like white blobs sticking out of quicksand. It has a distinctive texture, and rich milky goats cheese flavour, and it’s really rather hard to top the expert cooking skills of Jai Hind’s cook. Too bad this was finished when we got there. The other hot favourite is the Mutton Curry – you’d be a wally not to order this.


My favourite chapati


Regular Lassi

Their Lassi’s here are terrific. It comes in natural or with sweetened flavours. I prefer regular lassi and its sourish sweet taste is out of this world! Super rich and creamy, it slides down the parched throat so nicely!


darling.. pass the Dhal..

The Dhal here at Jai Hind, made with lentils, has a strong and thick aroma of cumin, cayenne, garlic and garam masala, and its consistency is thick and gloppy in nature. The dhal goes best with naan, chapati or over rice. I just like to drink the Dhal with my spoon like it’s a soup!


Mutton Curry.. a MUST!


Vadai in Thick Natural Yoghurt with dried chili and spices.. only full cream milk is employed when making the yoghurt at Jai Hind – crazy addictive!


Chickpea curry


The terrific spread.. where do we begin and were do we end..? Tis all a blur..


All that for just RM20.00? The mind boggles!


Peace out, says this white faced biker.. where’s his harley?


The friendly bearded man behind the counter at Jai Hind, offers us some betel leaves..


Betel nut/leaves to chew on, after your meal – to aid in digestion and give you a nice buzz


you must purchase bags of barfi from the Jai Hind, to take home with you. They taste awesome!


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Jai Hind
15 to 17, Jalan Melayu
Kuala Lumpur
Directions – Exit Masjid Jamek LRT station. Make sure you are on the same side as OCBC Bank. Take a stroll down that narrow road. On the right you will see all sorts of stalls selling sunglasses, bags, leather belts and other nick-knacks. Keep walking and follow the bend in that road. After 500 meters you will see Jai Hind on your left.


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