Winners for the FlexiRoam Contest

Name(First) Name(Last)
Premjeet Kaur
Kris Pui
Chi King Lee
Rahmah Mohd Noor
Siti Shahanim Hashim
Xue Ren Tan
Chanda kon
Mee Leng Ang
Kar Wai Au
Weiling Ho
Lau Choy Yen
Ciara Ysabel Palma
Sally Wee
Penny Wee
Nicole Lee
Susan Chew
adriene wong
Patrick Heng
Sherrie Pui
Lisa Ann Marie
JK Chiew
Jimmy Siow
Tobias Lee
Siera Louise Tan
Kok Hoe Chin

Dear Winners!

Congrats! You have done well to win yourself RM50 credit free roaming!

All you need to do is sign up here , for a free account.

And once FlexiRoam has your sign-in email & mobile, FlexiRoam will put the credit into your account for you, so all you have to do is to check that your account has received the credit after.

You won’t have to do anything except sign-up. FlexiRoam has clear instructions on their website on how to activate your free credit when you roam.


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