My Happiest Moment

The things that used to make me smile when I was a kid, have changed a lot, especially now that I am an adult. Somehow, we develop a taste for more grown up toys or experiences.. but one thing stays the same though. That very second you go, “oh wow!” uncovering a new bicycle as as kid, or unwrapping a new sports car much later in life, can only be described as the moment time paused for you, as you gasp in disbelieve, or when your heart skipped a beat, knowing you had something terrific within your grasp.

my happy moment could be strolling on the beach…

sometimes it’s sharing a joke with friends and being loud and crazy..


but sometimes my happy moment is when I am alone and quiet with my thoughts..


Or sometimes, I find my happy moment in nature and the seeing all beautiful creatures that remain wild and free..


More often than not, I see a happy moment in the details of fine food..


I find it hard to suppress a happy moment in the midst of good-looking men!


I find a happy moment too in the tranquility of yoga and meditation of the mind


Or, my happy moment found in a cool martini glass, shared over a meal with a loved one


And finally, my happiest moment found in the beauty of a sunset.. – majestic, powerful.. as God intended!

*most of these photos were shot at the W, Maldives.

Yeah, people grow up and things change, but every so often, something makes you go “oh wow”. These are my “oh wow” photo experiences in life. My Happy Photography moments, so to speak. Well, it is unfortunate that we cannot freeze time – even a memory of a great place fades with time but great photography makes things stay a little more ‘crisp’ for a wee bit longer, don’t you agree? Choosing the right camera for the right occasion is a vital part of capturing these special moments – so far the Olympus Pen has done just that for me;)

OLY Pen - NGSC logo


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