San Kee Jinjang Hokkien Mee

San Kee Hokkien Noodles are awesome! After reading this post, we decided to venture into North Jinjang to check out this Chinese Style Fried noodles restaurant. Well, it really isn’t much of a restaurant. More like a space at the end of the road, where traffic seems to carry on right through the eating area of the shop. Check this out:

Jinjang Hokkien Mee San Kee

People can actually cycle right up to the kitchen of the shop and wait for their tapau(take away). Great if you don’t want to park!


Cumi walks the narrow bridge that runs from the back road, into the shop..


That same passage runs all the way, into the main road, where the car is coming from..

We tried the Hokkien Noodles and the Shee Fun Karn( Tapioca) Noodles. The Hokkien mee was great. Fried in the dry style, these noodles were full of pork lard (chee yau char) but a little on the salty side. The Tapioca noodles had an interesting texture – chewy.. sort of like the texture of gummy bears, only savoury. The noodles fried here are generally sweeter than the other Chinese style fried noodles you find in KL.


Hokkien Mee


Tapioca Noodles

What a cool place though. Loads of character, loads of fun. And the boy.. isn’t he a darling;)


San Kee Jinjang Fried Noodles
River South Road or Jalan Tebing Selatan
North Jinjang,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 2:15pm till 1:00am daily
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