5 more Brilliant Colors of Travel

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is again, the lovely Kathryn Frengs of Travelfusion. A native Los Angeleno from the “left coast” of America, Kathryn has been loving life as an expat in Paris and now currently in London. In the past, Kathryn did a post for us on the Vibrant colors of Travel. Here she is again today with the second installment, to lift our mood with her colorful post.

After my last post, it was obvious that there were many colors that I neglected to mention and maybe left off of the top 5, so here I am again with another set of five vibrant colors of travel. I’ll start off with a special request from the lovely author of this blog, the color PINK!

1. Pink

Symbolic of love, romance or innocence, pink is the favorite color of many a lady in the travel blogging world, as evidenced by the comments on my last post. I’ve decided to include two very different looks at pink in today’s post. The first is just so unexpected – a fabulously pink New York City row house that offers a bit of happiness to all that pass by on an otherwise dreary day.

Photo credit: Seth W.

The next shot comes from the legendary floating markets in Bangkok, Thailand. These rambutan fruits provide a sharp contrast to the more mundane and common fruits that must float by all day long in these bustling markets. I’ve never tried a rambutan but I imagine them to be as unique on the inside as they look from the outside!

Photo credit: mzarzar

2. Orange

One of the few words in the English language that doesn’t rhyme with any other word, orange is the next on our tour of colors around the world. Said to stimulate healing and enthusiasm, orange makes me feel warm yet powerful and is strong but a bit more soothing than its neighbor on the rainbow, red. Different hues of orange can be spotted in sunsets and flowers across the globe, but my favorite representative of orange is the iconic San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. There’s no mistaking it when you see it, and although I’m from another part of the state, it always reminds me of being home in California.

Photo credit: The Wandering Angel

3. Purple

Even though purple was featured in my last post, I need to revisit again as it’s one of my favorites. Purple can be found everywhere from the animal to the plant kingdom and is often associated with royalty or prestige. This lonely starfish on a Miami area beach is striking and although it looks rather lonely, it also seems powerful. I’d love to run across one of these while snorkeling or diving!

Photo credit: TheMarque

4. Brown

Often overlooked as a “non-color” or not considered to be colorful enough, brown is such an interesting color that has so many different variations. Brown can feel solid or earthy but to me it just feels comfortable. This shot was taken in Egypt and while the endless brown sands might overwhelm some, I see this image as being comfortably consistent and I love the patterns in the sand that have been imprinted by the shifting winds.

Photo credit: Al Ianni

5. White

Finally, the last color on today’s list is white. I know that many of you don’t think white is a color, but I certainly do. How else would we describe the freshness of a newly fallen snow or a baby polar bear? The innocence and purity of white is what makes it so attractive to me. This white peacock is not only stunning but is also a great reminder to all of us that there’s fun in difference and a unique look or attitude.

Photo credit: Leo-setä

What colors have you discovered on your travels? And which is your favorite?


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