5 Top Colors of Travel

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is none other than the lovely Kathryn Frengs of Travelfusion. A native Los Angeleno from the “left coast” of America, Kathryn has been loving life as an expat in Paris and now currently in London. Since she is such a vibrant person, C&C talked to her about her favourite colors in travel. Needless to say, her article really LIFTED our mood!

Working day by day amongst tall grey buildings, it’s easy to forget what a brilliant world of color is out there.  Sometimes it just takes a little exploration and a bit of curiosity to discover some of the brightest hues and beauty that’s guaranteed to be an instant mood booster! Here are some of my favorite travel colors and a little bit about how they inspire my mood while on the road.

1. Red

Fiery and bright, red is the color of passion, strength and power.  Bright bold reds also inspire strong feelings of romance and love but can also alert danger.  I love this photo of these two little unsuspecting poison dart frogs that was shot in Panama.  Clearly in this case their red was more a danger sign than one of love though I can’t help but find them adorable!

Photo credit: Jpeg Jedi

2. Yellow

A bit cooler than red but still definitely a warm color, yellow tones are certain reminders of sunshine and happiness.  When I see a fabulous yellow on my travels, it’s hard not to smile.  Yellows are known to also symbolize friendship and hope and it’s easy to see why yellow is such an exciting and perky color.  This gorgeous sunset on Miami Beach is a great example of how warm and happy yellow can make people feel.  When looking at this photo, I’m instantly transported to a warm, happy place and wish I was on that beach right now!

Photo credit: ornellaswouldgo


Moving into cooler colors, green is the next stop on our trip around the colors of the rainbow.  Green is lush, fertile and natural and inspires feelings of healthiness in me.  For farmers, green fields mean success and profit and for Americans like myself green has also always been tied to the idea of money with our “greenback” dollar bills that are uniform in color unlike the wide spectrum found in many other currencies around the world. Its nearly impossible to look at all the hues of green in this photo from Thailand and not think of all the lushness and growth in this particular field.

Photo credit: bfick

4. Blue

Blue immediately makes me think of tranquility and zen, and really what could be more peaceful than lazing on a beach with bright blue water lapping up on the sand and a cloudless blue sky above?  Seemingly everyone’s favorite color (is it yours?) shades of blue can be beautiful even in the non-natural world.  The most gorgeous blues I’ve ever seen were on the Greek island of Santorini with brightly topped domed buildings contrasted against an impossibly blue sky.

Photo credit: Navin75

5. Purple

Last but certainly not least is the amazing color purple – one of my favorites!  Royalty, nobility and wealth come to mind immediately when thinking of purple, and you don’t have to travel far to spot this rich color, especially in flowers.  These onions from a Tanzanian market look almost too good to eat.

Photo credit: geoftheref

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip around the world in color.  While its fascinating to absorb the bright and beautiful colors all around you on your travels, keep in mind that you can spot colorful beauty all around you – even at home!

About this week’s Guest writer:

Kathryn Frengs is the Social Media Officer at Travelfusion and sometimes has to pinch herself to make sure she’s really at her dream job!  A native Los Angeleno, Kathryn has been loving life as an expat in Paris and now currently in London and is having a great time exploring Europe while she’s here.   Some of her favorite places to travel so far are Washington D.C., the Loire Valley area of France and Budapest – she only wishes they were all closer together!

You can find her blogging for Travelfusion, Tweeting up a storm @Travelfusion or spending way too much time on Facebook!


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