Jaya Noodle House @ Jaya One, PJ

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This is the god of noodles… (sorta.. erm.. ok, not really..)


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This is Uncle Lai…! (and daughter) I know him better as my fellow gym mate.. the really fit and cool guy who works out almost everyday of the week (and man… at 66, he sure has the physic to prove it !)…

but.. lil did i know that apart from fitness buff… he is also founder and head chef of Jaya Noodle House! They used to be in Jaya (sec 14) … and they have now relocated to Jaya 1.

We paid him a visit, to say HI.. and to eat his food .. of course!

What can I say… still the same mouth watering “siewbak” that I know… still the same amazing “tong-fun” with loadsa ‘wok-hei‘…. nothing has changed much… maybe just the location .. 😉

we also had roasted duck, charsiew and curry laksa

Very, very good.. much better than the duck at DUCKING.. if u ask me..

We left satiated and complete.



MSG levels :low

Address : Jaya 1, C-3-1, Jalan 13/6, Section 13, PJ.


  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah…very nice food. they’d been around a long time. my parents brought me when i was very young. now i bring my kids. hmmm…how the days goes by!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, was there when I was a kid and now my kids goes there as too. The boss is really down to earth – super nice guy. The have the best chicken rice, “fook kin min”, curry noodles. It’s kind of nostalgic evertime when I go back there coz it brings me back lots of sweet memories not only food but my parents, sis and other fond memories. Amazing what the food at Jaya Noodle Hse can do. Although I now reside in Hong Kong, I will head there whenever I’m back KL. Long live the Noodle Hse.

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