Embrace the gourds!

So tell me something about it, that I don’t know. It’s ugly, it’s bitter and it’s not something I’d go out of my way to eat.

Yes, bitter gourd, is definitely not everyone’s favorite vegetable. But did you know this zucchini-like veggie with a bumpy surface is really good for you? Bitter gourd has twice the calcium of spinach, two times the beta carotene of broccoli and double the potassium you get in bananas. And, if you want to control blood sugar levels or you’re dying to have that flat sexy abs, embrace the gourds!


Bittergourd with salted egg

Many people want to know how to make bitter gourd taste less bitter. There are actually several ways to achieve that, according to my mum, but she usually sticks to this – salt the bitter gourd slices with a teaspoon of salt and leave in a colander for half to one hour. Then rinse under running water to remove excess salt. Alternatively, if she is in a hurry, she also sometimes soaks the slices in salted water just before cooking.

Well, mum’s cooking is always the best, but what if she cannot always be around to cook the perfect bitter gourd dish for me?


Well then, there’s always Fu Kua restaurant, for that.


Minced pork with salted egg

Thanks to Marcky, who discovered this place (and nearly went blind sampling the food on a dozen separate occasions to find out which dishes were nice and worth having), the 5 of us headed down there for our bittergourd a.k.a. Fu Kua fix. He promised that it would taste as good as mum’s preparation of the evil looking vegetable, so we decided to throw caution to the wind, dine on as many fu kua dishes as we could possibly stomach and bid farewell to signs of pre-diabetes if any.


Fish slices in black bean sauce and bittergourd

Bittergourd pumpkin

Ham Choy Chee Yoke Tong (Preserved Vegetables with Pork Meat, Meatballs and Tofu Soup)


Teem Kai (Chinese Stir Fry Frog with Spring Onions and Ginger)


Bittergourd soup with pork meat, tomatoes and ginger


Braised Pork Knuckle in Black Pepper Sauce


Crispy Crunchy outer Layer of skin, with a soft braised center


Bittergourd leong char (herbal tea) with ginseng root and chinese red dates


The root of all things good.. is gourd!


What can I say. Marcky will be glad that he did not eat bittergourd for weeks in vain. The place really passed the test! All 5 of us loved the food and found the bittergourd well prepared and super delicious. We highly recommend this place to anyone who is a bittergourd fan, and to those who are not, Fu Kua restaurant makes great training ground for the uninitiated!

Fu Kua Restoran,
21, Jln SS23/15,
Taman SEA,
Tel: +6016-219 1548 , +6016-243 4233
11am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 11pm
Google Maps


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