Going Vegetarian?


I’ve often asked my Vegetarian friends,

what’s the main reason you transitioned from the land of the meat eaters to the land of the Veggie eaters. I mean, if you want to go one step further, Veganism is even more extreme. Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that excludes the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Yes, there is Lacto-ovo vegetarianism, Lacto-vegetarianism, Ovo-vegetarianism, Veganism, Raw-veganism, Fruitarianism, Su-vegetarianism and the list goes on. So why go vegetarian?

I get mixed answers but they can loosely be classified into 5 main reasons:

1. Self preservation/ Health Issue

The acid theory – The more meat you eat, the more the body’s pH drops. The more acidic your body gets the faster you age (precursor to disease).

The protein theory – consuming excess protein can sometimes hinder efficient absorption of calcium, leading to osteoporosis.

Lower consumption of animal fat, lower cholesterol, lower heart disease or chances of stroke.


2. Environment preservation

By growing grain which is fed to livestock which is THEN fed to humans, you end up with much less food than you would have by feeding on the grain itself. Annually, an acre of land can produce 150 fold more kgs of potatoes or tomatoes, than kgs of beef.

The grain used for livestock feed also causes top soil depletion. Not only that, fuel for farm machinery, for making fertilizers and pesticides etc.. all these contribute to the devastation of our environment.

3. Animal suffering prevention
Not all animals suffer granted. However, in today’s commercial “farms,” some are raised in inhumane conditions from the time they are born. When you make a stand as “Vegetarian” you are making a stand against this cruelty to animals.

4. Religion

In my country, not eating meat for religious reasons is a common reason for being Vegatarian. It is most commonly practiced in Hinduism and Buddhism. Also, on certain religious days for the Taoists (the 1st and the 15th of the Chinese Calendar of every month). For the Christians, it is also common practice to abstaining form meat or to fast for lent.

DSC034305. Preference

Just don’t like the taste of meat.

Well, for me, I am definitely not Vegetarian. I am the opposite of “felxitarian” which means that I mostly eat Steaks or Cheese-burgers with the occasional Vegetarian Meal thrown in! Read about any extremely interesting article in Newsweek on flexitarians here. The reason why I am not Vegetarian is because 1. I love my red meats too much 2.Eating meat is not ethically wrong. Eating ethically wrong meat (i.e., the cheap, mass-processed, hormone-stuffed animals) is wrong. Choosing to eat free-range chicken is one of the healthier and better options, or eating Vegetarian occasionally would be a good option too. After all all things in moderation and even our poor bodies need time to detox and repair, don’t you think?

Books On Vegetarianism:

*Note: Photo 1 – vegetarian curry mutton, Photo 2 – vegetarian nasi lemak , Photo 3 – vegetarian rolls.

Yishensu Vegetarian Restaurant,
1 Utama Shopping Mall,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 77294313


  • Wah. Learnt so many new words/ things today. Thanks Cikgu Ciki… 🙂
    (Eh? Why got no “babitarian” in your list of words wan?)

  • Ur not turning vegan are you?

  • Brother B says:

    I have been brought up to eat a balanced meal, of course greens are important. Unless it is for religious reasons, vegetarians tends to look pale and fragile to me, sorry

  • Pureglutton says:

    Ahh… I like to detox once in a while too, hehe! Yishensu is pretty popular with the 1U crowd here, especially on Fridays, the 1st & 15th of the chinese calendar month… and that’s when their service takes a dive!

  • Sean says:

    i was a semi-vegetarian for 3 months back in 2003 (long story!). it was pretty fun (though i can’t remember feeling healthier) and not too difficult, since i still ate seafood but no meat. eventually though, i realized i couldn’t give up meat for life =)

    • cumi&ciki says:

      wow, sean! i would never have imagined that you of all people gave vegetarianism a shot.. OK wait a minute, seafood counts as meat .. that’s not really vegetarian right 😛

  • Leo (thule) says:

    used to be carnivore until I was 18… before gradually turned into omnivore.. lol!!! can’t afford to have meat all the time while studying oversea right??? if you ask me to become herbivore… somebody pls kill me

  • taufulou says:

    ahh..so many restaurant i have tried in kl for veggie, I would say they are still the best so far in my list~

    • cumi&ciki says:

      really? this is on of the only air conditioned ones i’ve been to. normally i eat the vegetarian at the coffee shops (part of the chap fan – economy rice)

  • gfad says:

    I’m getting old and my body cannot process meat as well as before. 🙁 I actually feel unwell when I consume little or no vegetables/fruits.

    I went 90% vegetarian during my confinement month after I delivered my 2nd child and I must admit I recovered way faster although I was 5 years older than I was when I had my first child.

  • gfad says:

    Happy to see that this restaurant is still around. I like this place. I believe they still have their branches in Kampar (could have started from here. I found this one first anyway. They have/had fantastic Peking duck!) and Ipoh. The Ipoh outlet is a proper restaurant, really nice and big – not far away from Jusco Kinta City.

  • Arno from Holland says:

    I am a vegetarian since birth. Does that count?

  • I’m gonna be a vegetarian and you can’t stop me!

  • email2me says:

    I love their vegetarian Poon Choi! Have to specially order 1 day in advance and the chef will prepare and bring it over from Klang Yishensu to One Utama and steam it there.

  • mimid3vils says:

    the vegetarian roll looks yummy enough to attract a carnivore like me but the filling looks like luncheon meat =.=”

  • Juno says:

    I can not imagine being a vegeterian.. well, yes this is a matter of preference, clearly.
    Sometimes I want to be a vegeterian for short period like just a week. when i feel stuffy. Good sometimes.
    Interesting article.

  • eiling says:

    I will never be able to live as a vegetarian. Maximum, I can only go 2 meals without meat. Imagine life without bacon and siew yoke?!!

  • J2Kfm says:

    My reason is simple. I am not a full time, part time, or even avid vegetarian. I only eat vegetarian food when I feel like it. To lessen the guilt, somewhat. 🙂

    But tomorrow’s the 15th day of the calendar, so I’ll be seeking some form of vege food, maybe vegetarian BLR…. hmm .. maybe.

  • adel says:

    I agree with your standpoint as to why someone is a vegetarian or one could turn into one.
    Full vegetarian meal is never a problem to me as I love my veges too, and neither with meat-filled meal so long the meat is ethically obtained and welfare of the animal is looked after before they die a quick death brought upon by the slaughterer.

  • Pola says:

    Hi – I’m a happy, healthy vegetarian, 16 years and counting. To sum up why I made the switch – I never liked meat and I’ve always liked animals. 🙂

    That being said, I peacefully coexist with my carnivorous foodies. The only thing I don’t like is that when people find out, they immediately say how they couldn’t live without meat. I didn’t ask… 😉 I don’t preach and don’t like being preached to…

    If I have any advice for those watching to go veg – do it gradually, otherwise you will shock your body. If I all of a sudden started eating meat, I’d land in hospital.

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