Bento Art

I remember it was around the middle of last year that Lyrical Lemongrass talked to me about  bento art, and wanting to try her hand at it. Then at the end of last year Keropokman twittered that he did successfully accomplish making his very own bento box as part of a healthy eating promotion in Singapore, for kids. What can I say? I really respect all these gutsy, artistic individuals (and I am sure there are many more out there, but I just don’t know your names) who have taken on the mighty bento.

Anyway today being Sunday and all, I want to share with you some really outstanding Bento boxes that I recently came across on Woman’s Day (click on the photo below to see the amazing ‘art in small lunch boxes’).  They were just too pretty to not share with you. Hope you feel inspired to try your hand at bento art. I know I do.. time to dial LL and see if she’s free;)



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