Fugu without Poison is like …

Good Morning all!

I recently read this article in the Telegraph UK that scientists have learned how to remove the toxin in Fugu! That’s right folks, the Tetrodotoxin is in the bag, and soon, eating Fugu will be like eating any other non-toxic fish in a Japanese restaurant. Think of all the Japanese Fugu master chefs  who will be out of a job because they can no longer boast of skills that remove internal organs of the fish that once contained epic amounts of powerful nerve poison – tetrodotoxin.  Also, where is the thrill  in eating something that has no risk in it .. that you might NOT just heal over and die from consuming  it at any minute?! No thrill whatsoever, I say.
Arrgh.. eating Fugu without poison is like.. is like ..(oh! I feel a competition coming on..!)

As a matter of fact, here is this weeks slogan competition (as we have not had one in ages). The judge will be.. somebody who is Japanese ( it is only fair, seeing as it is about Fugu and all..) and the judges decision will be final;)

The Slogan you are to complete is :

Eating Fugu without Tetrodotoxin is like ___________ without _____________ .

1. Got it?  Deadline : This this coming Monday the 1st of March 2010, at 10 am.

2. Email us ur answers : via the Contact page. Multiple entries accepted.

3. Alternatively if you are not ‘kaisu’ : leave your answer as a comment.

4. Prizes : Dinner with Cumi & Ciki (restaurant of our choice.. ahem:P) Winner will be announced on Monday the 1st of March 2010, at 5 pm.


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