Waiting @ Pusat Penjaja Jalan Air Panas, Setapak

P1000696She sits in anticipation of something she knows will be worth the wait. She has been here many times and has sat in this very stool under this same zinc roof top on different occasions. She knows she’s good at waiting. She has waited 10 minutes before but she has also waited half an hour before. It’s never the same.. but this thing that she waits for, never changes. It is always good.


I don’t understand why I cannot go out and play. What is the point of sitting around doing nothing anyway. My mother says it will get me all hot and bothered and sweaty. She says I will not enjoy my meal in that state. Who says? I always enjoy my meal here. When can I go out and play?


I have all the time in the world. I  know what I like and I will keep coming back for it. At my age you can afford to be selective. With the number of years I have left, I only waste time on things, worth wasting time on.


I too have perfected the art of waiting.


This place is famous for their Hennessy Lor Mee.  This place dares you to forget their signature dish by hanging all the previously consumed Hennessy boxes from the zinc roof top, like a beacon of wealth in their meager surroundings. You can read more about that here. Cumi & ciki have lately been obsessed with the Chinese stir fried noodles here and we are happy to say that with every returning visit, this place gets better and better.



The Bitter Gourd Beef and black bean stir fry Kwey Teow was recommended by the shop this time and it was fantastic. The beef was smooth and succulent. The gourd was crunchy, sliced to just the right thickness and not too bitter whilst the noodle had all the smoky taste of the wok.  The black bean’s sourish fermented kick completed the home-run. If there was one word to describe this dish.. “Smooth”.

P1000743 X-1

Sing Chow Mai or Singapore-style Fried Rice Vermicelli .. we are still on the hunt for the best.. so far this place holds the no.1 spot. May times we have been dissapointed by lack-luster, boring and measly morsels of meat, egg and prawn, not to mention an inferior style of frying of mai-fun. Look at this beauty. One word to describe this dish.. “Magnanimous”.


Finally mum says we can go and play.


P1000736Come back soon though, if not to watch and wait.. then to wait and watch. But only if you have all the time in the world.. Only if you want the best to fill your stomach.

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Hennessy Lor Mien Hawker Stall,
Pusat Penjaja Jalan Air Panas,
Setapak, KL.Non Halal. Opens for Brunch till 5pm according to the waiter.

(Of deserving praise : The amount we spent on this meal including drinks was RM16.00 ! Crazy or what? The leong char we had was home brewed, thick from boiling and bursting with dates etc. If this is not value for money we don’t know what is.)



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