El Meson @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

DSC09794First meal of the year, I met up with A lil fat Monkey at El Meson Bangsar before heading out to the karaoke session at the Curve with Hairyberry, YKH, LL, Chuiz, CY, Cheryl and Bari.


Many food bloggers have covered this place rather extensively on dinner, so let me just say that for just RM35, you can have a Set Tapas lunch of 2 tapas of your choice, plus either a glass of wine or beer. This is a pretty good deal considering a glass of wine could already set you back by that sum alone.


These meat balls, the Albondigas were delicious. A mix of pork and beef, it had a slight crust.. batter perhaps. Sauteed mushrooms were our second choice and this was good too. The sauce was really creamy but not as garlicky as the La Bodega Champinones. For me I still prefer the way LB does it.


On the Lunch Menu is the ‘Ultimate Pork Burger’. Priced at RM26, you have a rather ‘condensed’ burger with a real gamy taste to it. The portion is not big, but the sheer meatiness of it was enough for me. If you like your pork burgers very salty, strong-tasting and really ‘porky’ , this is it. Add a generous portion of back-bacon fried to a crisp, mushrooms and cheese, and what you have before you is a compact, satisfying carnivore’s meal, sandwiched between two sesame buns!

Point to consider: Why is it that we are seeing an increasing rise in the occurrence of Pork Burgers these days?Β  Is this the tipping point? Is this a passing fad/trend..? is it plain beef boredom?Β  Please feel free to comment.

El Meson Bangsar

Monkeying around.. my face is pretty black from the sun as we just got back from Ko Lipe.


Ciki and A lil Fatmonkey DIG this place!

El Meson,
No. 61-63, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 KL
Tel: 03-2282 8290


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