Off to London

Some really cool shots in my P.C. – hanging out with the gang including Aly of Aly’s Wonderland, and Bangsar Babe and the place we met Eiling and Sixthseal,  that didn’t get posted .. due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the shots are just too good to miss out on posting, so, this is just a “hangout with the gang” post.. and not about food!

Everybody in the house was doing the Bartman.. and the munkeyman:P

FBB, A lilfatmonkey, Aly and Bangsar babe.. cumi & ciki.. chatting the night away, over a couple of beers and extra strong mojitos!

The larger than life slice of bread. Man, this thing can nearly cover Ciki’s entire face! Mwuahaha!

Happy Weekend.. and see you when I get back!


Photo from here


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