Osetra Watergrill @ Gaslamp Quarter San Diego


Osetra Wattergrill offers gourmet seafood, prime-aged meat and one of the city’s most extensive collections of premium wine.

This place is a hot favourite with the tourists as well as the locals…

Fine dining is upstairs while if you want to sit and linger at the bar, then downstairs offers are really cool, laid back bar where you can sit and chat at.
Osetra is also famous for its fresh oyster bar, a caviar bar and an ice bar with an extensive selection of vodka.

If you are lucky, you can actually can see “Wine Angels” fly through the air to retrieve bottles from the three-story wine tower. They were so fast, I couldn’t capture it on my camera!
For starters- mushroom soup! Though the taste was good, this was TOO salty for me!

The Crab cakes were awesome! Tangy and had all the aromas of the sea…

The fillet mignon was cute and little, but HUGE in flavour! Medium rare, seasoned with just salt and served on a bed of mash… it was the perfect mouthful…

The lobster risotto was gorgeous as well… I am a big fan of risotto and if it isn’t done well it makes me wanna jump up and down and tear my hair out.. ! (kidding)
Anyway, this dish was perfectly executed, oh yes it was !


All in all… a good night… what else has san diego to offer i wonder 😛

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