Fei Por Pan Mee @ Seri Kembangan

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Trying to find this Pan Mee shop in Seri Kembangan is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack.
If you follow the road signs, you will see that turning into SK6, leads to SK3, then SK4.. then all of a sudden.. SK13!

Arrrgh.. we were looking for SK5 but it seemed like the mysterious road was just not on the map..

Sri Kembangan Fei Poh Pan Mee5-1
Then , out of the blue, after rounding the area for what seemed like an eternity.. eureka! We found it!

At 1pm, the Pan Mee shack was still full of patrons and it was just starting to rain.
We ran into the safety of the covering and placed our orders and waited for the storm to pass.
Sri Kembangan Fei Poh Pan Mee1-1
The lady said that this place had no name, but if we liked, we could just call it the “Fei Por Pan Mee”. (Seems like there are a lot of Fei por named shops in town these days.)

Apart from the soup pan mee , the also have the chili pan mee, the tomyam pan mee, the wet, dry, peeled by hand, noodle-y type pan mee to choose from.

Not only that the chillie paste also comes in a generous variety of 4-5 types. From sambal based to dried chili base, to chili oil.. you name it, they’ve got it.

The Pan Mee noodle itself is multicolored – depending on whether you pick the regular, the pumpkin or the broccoli sort (this is rather interesting because the green one is normally spinach).

Sri Kembangan Fei Poh Pan Mee-1
The texture is fantastic. For want of a better word, I will use the over-used term, al dente.. Very, very satisfying. The deep fried ikan bilis were crunchy but a little heavy on the sodium.

The stock/soup was sweet but did not leave us with that msg scum/layer in our mouths – the green bowl of noodles that you see actually came with fish balls as well. How strange.

The other famous item at this shack is the deep fried foo-chok skin (bean-curd skin). It’s fluffy and crispy and addictive! Tastes best when dunked in the soup.

Anyway, the address of this shop is attached at the end of this blog, but for simplicity sake (and so you don’t end up on a wild goose chase like us), just look out for this church, Gereja Kristian Serdang Baru.. and once you see it you will know that you are on SK5.


Not only that, you might hear a few birds chirping.. and eye-balling you as you eye-ball them back..

But easier yet, just look out for the Jalan Pasar sign, and the Pan Mee shop should be just a few doors away.

Pan Mee Fei Por,
Jalan SK 5/2,
43300 Seri Kembangan,

MSG levels: low
Salt levels: moderate


  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    haha i think i might knw where this is..it is indeed like a blardy big maze..

  • qwazymonkey says:

    The birds eyeballing you and thinking "WTF! This humans have no sense of directions!"

    LOL, and re:Fei Por…nobody really trust a skinny cook now eh?

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    right?! it's totally arbitrary .. the is no pattern at all. sick!

    ya man.. birds think we stupid.. hehe

  • Esan Man says:

    After going through this article I have decided to bookmark this site found this really interesting & thanks a lot for keeping the blog Lively with such interesting blogs.

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    Pretty colourful pan mee. Food doesn't have to be boring! Love your overexposed pictures, Queen of Compact Cameras! 😀

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