Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows 2013 with Chef Lee Anne Wong

Can you believe that it is that time of the year again, for the much acclaimed Hennessy X.O. Appreciation Grows event to take place? I certainly can’t. Time sure flies when you’re deep up to the eyeballs with work and things, that people get deep up to the eyeballs with!

Well this year, the dinner will be held at the Chin Woo Stadium in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, from April 2nd to 5th 2013 and it will take invited guests on the “Spirit of Conquest” – to experience the past, present and the future of the original cognac, along with Chef Lee Anne Wong, the first female chef for the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows series of events.

Since she traded her burgeoning fashion career for the culinary world, Chef Lee Anne Wong, has been bringing her modern-global fusion cuisine to the people. Born and raised in Troy, New York, Lee Anne, a 2nd generation Chinese- American, was not drawn to the kitchen, favoring sports –softball and ice hockey – instead. Though her mother encouraged her to eat unique cuisine, Lee Anne’s tastes were intrinsically tied to American favorites such as pizza, jalapeno poppers, and burgers. Lee Anne’s passion for cuisine ignited during her first year studying Fashion Design at FIT when she started cooking for friends. Once she donned her chef whites she never looked back.

HXOChef Lee Anne has also found success, as a finalist on Bravo TV network’s highly-rated Top Chef cooking competition and more recently, as the culinary producer of the series. Chef Lee Anne Wong is also the Executive Chef of Event Operations at The French Culinary Institute, a position she maintained while participating in the Top Chef competition and continues to hold. In her personal time, Lee Anne loves to travel and experience new cultures and flavors. Mexico holds a soft spot in her heart. For the past twelve years she has made a yearly pilgrimage to Oaxaca for the food, people and culture. In recent years, she has spent time traveling all over Japan, for personal and culinary growth, including her role as an honored chef for Sakai City’s Annual Hamono (Knife) Festival.

Like Hennessy X.O, Chef Lee Anne Wong seeks to bring guests who taste her modern-global fusion cuisine on a journey around the world. Her sense of resourcefulness and grounding in French culinary techniques, married with her ability to innovate and produce truly modern- global cuisine, makes Chef Lee Anne a prime candidate to approach the task of creating a menu that reflects the journey of Hennessy X.O not only across oceans and to different continents, but into the hearts and minds of cognac devotees and gourmands.

Can’t wait to see what the “Spirit of Conquest” has in store for us!


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