Izakaya Tamako Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Damas, KL

It was my cousin’s birthday this week and we had dinner with him at the cozy Izakaya Tamako, in Plaza Damas.
Agedashi tofu is an old and revered dish.

Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than that offered in other types of drinking establishments in Japan such as bars or snack bars. They are popular, casual and relatively cheap places for after-work drinking.

Sashimi which is very thin bite-size slices of fresh raw fish, traditionally served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Knowing my cousin, he is particularly careful about the type of food he allows into his body.
Seeing as he is such a huge KDT fan and one of its top students (ahem!) , his very effective but simple motto of, staying away from emotional eating, but rather switching your perception and looking at your meals as “everyday food” vs. “sometimes food”, will actually see you lasting longer on a health regime that you pick for yourself. It is a life long science vs. a one off diet fad really, i.e. exercise regularly, eat a healthy balanced diet , but occasionally feel free to pig out on that bakuteh or huge, blood red steak- without feeling guilty.

I love my cousin. He is very wise!

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The nice, cosy atmosphere of Izakaya Tamako is really conducive for chit-chat and slow, unhurried makan! Very pleased to meet you, K of Velvetescape and little Kafka!

This place is actually famous of it’s Japanese Satay. Yes, you guessed it.. the Yakitori.

The Buta Bara looks like some form of hap-hazzard nyonya layered cake accept that it is layered lean and fatty bits of pork belly.

Babi-yakitori to be specific.
(Hallelujah! I am a convert.. I am a Babitarian! Pass me another skewer please.)

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In between yakitori sticks, we take more photos.

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Enter the new and 42KM improved, Bald Eagle.
Lean, mean, yellow machine.

I don’t want to fight with this guy for that last piece of Yakitori.

No, I lie.. I will fight for the last skewer of pork belly Yakitori:P

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Cordon Bleu Chef and Masterbaker Nigel!

Oh Shishamo.. I would like to be slim and trim like the shishamo …, but not grilled whole while full of eggs!

The extremely healthy soba will become the Crying Soba, especially if someone chucks a whole dollop of wasabi into the miso soup (without telling you) and you happen to scoop it up, right into your eager, open mouth!

Spitting it out would be uncouth. So instead, you sit there. Crying. Swearing. But mainly crying.


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Happy Birthday Nigel! Hope your birthday was a great one! Continue to be the wonderful, kind, generous soul that you are and may God always grant you the desires of your heart and prosper you!


Oh, yea, one last thing…. this gorgeous, moist, butter walnut banana cake you are seeing for the first time, has been Christened…
Cumi’s Banana.

Don’t ask me why. Ask the Masterbaker:P

Izakaya Tamako
E-0-10/E-1-10, Plaza Damas
(Walk out of Hartamas Shopping Ctr, Opposite Starbucks),
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.


  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    wart? u n nigel r cousins? wah that i didnt know..hahaha

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    I wouldn't even wish a lump of wasabi on my worst enemy! ^_^

    My husband damn cute hor.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIGEL! Luv ya! I like Cumi's Banana!!

  • Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy says:

    It was a majorly cool surprise for me too. Thanks for the love cuz. I feel truly blessed. Don't forget to thaw his banana before you eat it 😉

  • Julian Si says:

    Wah… CUMI's banana eh 🙂

    Quite the sight, the lean mean cycling, oops running machine in my fave colour … YELLOW!

  • Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Didn't know it's just opposite Starbucks. So blur…hehe! Babi-yakitori so long…can call it babitori? =P

    Happy Birthday Nigel!

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    ohhh…cant wait to taste Cumi's Banana..ahemmm.. ;p

  • Paranoid Android says:

    Ai yer… You eat the pregnant fish er…… He he he…

    I hope Cumi did not have to contribute any part of his anatomy for the cake. :p

    Anyway, the food looks great, you look great and everybody looks great. Happy 21st Birthday, Nigel!

    P.S. Who is Little Kafka? Does have this existentional angst aka Franz Kafka?

  • backStreetGluttons says:

    The other bald guy was forcibly grabbed from sideways. Must be da birthday intimate bonus.
    Can't wait for one too

  • Selba says:

    Eh.. lyrical lemongrass got new hair cut? Whoaaaa… so pretty!

    Happy B'day to Nigel!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    u mean u can't tell? talent runs in da family:P ahem! hehe

    yes la, ur husband damn cute. damn yellow also:P cumi's banana is yummie:P

    i prefer it hard rather than soft:P ,mwuahahaha:P

    ya la.. looks like the theme for the night is .. YELLOW!

    good one! babitori.. lol

    think can buy fm Just Heavenly.. soon!

    LOL, i also hope cumi didn't hv to contribute any part of his anatomy to the cake la. haha
    Little Kafka is a cutie ! hehe.. one of the guys at the dinner la.. i suppose it's a nick;)

    you guys like being grabbed hor:P

    yep.. she'll be please to know:)

  • J2Kfm says:

    cumi's banana?! puhlease …. masterbaker has a wicked, wicked sense of humour.

    now how's ppl gonna order that cake, huh?
    1kg of Cumi's Banana, PLS?

  • Wilson Ng says:

    food looks good

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    haven't been to Plaza Damas since my wife gave birth… gosh that was very long time ago!

  • foodbin says:

    looks like a nice place to chill!

  • StevenBoy1986 says:

    I like shasimi….
    Nice place… must go for it~~~

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yar.. what a HUGE banana:P

    yea, really tasty – lots of pork

    time to revisit

    yes it is.. a bit small but great afterwork eating/drinking laid-back joint.

    i agree!

  • worldwindows says:

    The Yakitori and Buta Bara is long overdue in my eats' list. Looks so luscious and yummy.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    actually, i feel like buta bara again today too!

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