Il Padrino @ Damansara Heights, KL

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Il Padrino at UOA – we read about this place on Eat Drink KL. We decided to pay the ‘Godfather’ a visit.
Antipasto misto “il padrino” – RM78.00
This starter for two of bresaola, tomato buffalo mozzarella, calamari, parma ham with melon and grilled vegetables was served relatively quickly. It was light and refreshing with an intensely fragrant slice of melon that tempered the salty parma ham to perfection.


We had to wait a long time for our bread though. The bread-sticks were soft and no longer fresh unfortunately. We liked the crispy paper thin bread bits.
Fettucchine nero alla granchio – RM32.00
The homemade squid ink fettuccine served with carb meat sauce was rather disappointing. Whilst the crab sauce was sweet and fresh with the metallic after notes of zinc, the pasta fell flat on its face. Soft, over-cooked and really rather bland. We expected more from the homemade pasta.
Ravioli al spinaci – RM32.00
The spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli served with butter sage sauce and parmesan cheese was slightly better than the squid ink fettuccine. It in terms of texture, it resisted the tooth a bit more than the fettuccine but could have still been slightly more al dente.
The spinach center of the ravioli was gorgeous and creamy. We loved the taste of the parmesan cheese that gave the dish a rich and heavy finish. We needed this as they served so few pieces of ravioli! The portion was really rather small.
Roast Pork Belly – RM42.00
The Roast Pork Belly which was the special that day was a letdown. Tough and hard with too much reduced balsamic vinegar sauce, it was actually a case of too many over-powering flavours with no clear aroma coming through.

Well, the next time we go back we will try the pizza as recommended by Masak Masak!

Il Padrino,
Wisma UOA,
Damansara Heights.
Tel: 2093-8596

Al Padrino has now changed it’s status to HALAL.


  • Sean says:

    yeah, the food needs more fine-tuning. but it's a pleasant place to spend a sunny saturday, rite? 😀

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    true.. excellent breezy wind in mah hair feel to the place;) we sat on the high chairs near the fringe of the restaurant.. lovely:)

  • worldwindows says:

    Some of the food may be so so but your shots were great and crisp.

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    seems more disappointments than pleasants 🙂
    in that case, I'll try other Italian joints in the city centre first

  • Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Your shots of the food were so lovely…I almost didn't believe you when you said the fettuccine was disappointing! =P

  • Paranoid Android says:

    Sigh! I so wanted you to give this place a great review as I was planning to go there this Saturday to celebrate the end of my hardship posting! Guess I will have to do it some other day and pig out somewhere else.

    Have a nice week ahead!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    WW, Thule, Bbabe PA:

    yea, but we only tried a few of the dishes so don't write it off completely la.. 😉 apparently some of the pizzas are good. go try 4urselves and see.. let us know yar;)

  • Sugar Bean says:

    The name sounds attractive, so does the environment and the presentation of the food. But too bad the food didn't taste that good… Nice photos!

  • Selba says:

    Woohoooo…. yummy food! I'm coming!

    Seriously, the Antipasto misto "il padrino" is inviting me to come, hehehe….

  • Shell (貝殼) says:

    the shots look good. is this place new?

  • jencooks says:

    Pity the ill effect of dining at Il Padrino but at least the melon with parma ham was a saving grace.

  • jencooks says:

    Pity the ill effects from dining at Il Padrino but the parma ham is a saving grace.

  • boo_licious says:

    We had a pretty good time there last Friday – Tirolese pizza definitely rocks with an unusual pairing of raddichio and speck. The ossobucco was very good though but sad abt the risotto. Still, it beats the other crappy Italian places I've tried out the whole wk!

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