Eat your Beer!

Nothing beats a hearty casserole on a wet and thundery day… and boy have we been having a spat of those!

My friend Lisa is an excellent cook. We were elated when she invited us both over for one of her famous beef beer dinners.

This is what she cooked…

First, the homemade Caesar salad. Even the sauce is made from scratch! Light, crunchy yet healthy – the prefect prelude to a meaty dinner.

Then the garlic bread. Toasted till it is crispy at the edges and oozing with butter and garlic and herbs. I love homemade garlic butter because it has THAT much more garlic and butter, know what I mean?


Enter the Casserole.

This is the amazing Beef Beer… a whole, massive pot of it ! I love the way Lisa cooks this … over a slow fire, with lots of tender loving care… beef simmering all day long in beer, so much so that the heady aroma is the first thing you smell wafting out of her kitchen when you walk through the front door! Not only that, she uses Beef Brisket to ensure it melts in your mouth. Rapture!


Finally, nothing goes better with beef than mash potato! Lisa’s mash is buttery, creamy and baked to give it that gorgeous, browned, finishing touch! All my memories of uni days come flooding back – how many Sunday roasts have passed since I last got back to KL (sniffle). This, my friends, is what life is all about… 🙂

So, if Beef Beer Stew and Mash is my comfort food on a wet & stormy night, what is yours?

Feel free to leave a comment. Cheers!


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