Why Did the Chicken Cross the street…

To get to Tim Kee !!!

Tim Kee Chicken Rice , Cheras has got to be one of our all time favourite chicken rice stalls.

The food is delicious, the staff are friendly and above all hygienic. Check out the disposable gloves they use for chopping !

The other great thing about Tim Kee is the incredible “chap fan” (mixed rice) spread.. one of my favourites is the “Choy Kiok” (pickled vegetables) – it is spicy, sour and tangy… mmmmmmm, a real appetite stimulator to start of lunch with 🙂

Here is our rating :

Food : 7/10
Ambiance :5/10
Cleanliness : 8/10
Staff : 7/10
Price : 7/10

MSG Level : minimal to nil

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