Chez Papa French Bistro, Restoran Soon Chiang & Seng Steam Fish @ JB

Two chinese restaurants and a french bistro
People keep telling me that there is nothing (good) to eat in JB. “YOU will be bored and hungry”, that’s what they say.

Well, I was lucky enough to get to eat at 3 different restaurants ,which were actually pretty good!

Me: “What’s for lunch today?”

Friend:”We are going to fish”.

Me:”You mean fishing?”

Friends in unison: “No… FISH!!!”

Affectionately known as FISH, Seng Steam Fish Restaurant is totally packed on any afternoon of the week during lunch hour.

This place use to be a shack, under a tree. However they recently moved to a cleaner, better more comfortable coffee shop environment, not too far from the old place.

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What can I say. These people really know how to cook fish.
Whilst the fried fish with mayo, sweet and sour sauce is heaven on earth,
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The steamed fish rocks the hell out of any other fish dish I have eaten in KL.
Very, very good.

There are other dishes too, but I have not posted them because whilst they are good, we can also get them in KL.

So, eat the fish! Don’t miss out!




Next stop.. TEA,

at Soon Chiang!

Wow! JB people can really eat. My first meal is still digesting, but my mates assure me that it’s time to eat again.


I look skeptical. Isn’t the best Bakuteh found in Klang..?

10 minutes into the eating, I realise that, man, this bakuteh is really rather good. The sauce is as thick as blood, but the most outstanding thing is the amount of herbal ingredients they put into their cooking. This bakuteh has a strong pungent herbal aroma, boarding on bitter. It takes getting use to, but you’ll get the hang of it. This thing is addictive.

No complaints here.

Hmmm, 2 out of 2. I wonder if JB will continue to impress…




What will the evening have in store, i wonder… ๐Ÿ˜›

Welcome to… THE ZONE. Just like being in “the zone” eludes to being in some form of altered state of consciousness or other,

the booze here is so cheap, that many actually reach “the zone” far too quickly:P

This area, Stulang Laut (or more famously known as EDEN), has mushroomed into the most happening nightclub/party spot of JB.

Apparently the KTV lounges have an entry fee of RM2K, and no less.

No wonder the Benz and the BMW line the front porch of the clubs.

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Just look at this place. Opulence bordering on gaudy, if you ask me.
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Hasn’t anyone told these people that Less is More.. sheesh..
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Anyways, we were here to have drinks at the trendy Cabana.

Wait a minute.. what’s this….

There seems to be some pageant rehearsal going on.

Miss World? Miss Universe??





“I’m too sexy for my love, to sexy for my love… Loves gonna LEAVE me…”

(sung to the tune of that ridiculous 1992 song by Right said Fred)

“I’m a model and I do what i want, I shake my lilToosh on the catwalk… ”


We had a grand old time.. we did. (laughing)

Too bad it was the rehearsal, apparently they take off their shirts on the “real night”. Ooooo, we really wanted to see em without their Tee’s on… (not)


So, the finger-food here was so-so. Rather stale if you ask me.

The pizza we ordered from next door was just OK.. but better than the finger food.

However, the beer was nice. Went down well it did.

OK, so enough laughing (at other people’s expense)… what’s for dinner?




Me:”What’s for dinner?”


Me:”French loaf? French toast? French fries?”

Friend”No, french!” (rolls eyes)

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Here is Chez Papa! I was surprised to say the least. I mean, I was happy with the way the day had panned out with the excellent Chinese food and all, but I really wasn’t expecting fine dining, french style in JB.
<span class=
Oh, this place is cosy.

I like this place.

We should stay here for a bit:)

<span class=
Dominique Muller, the Chef, does a magnificent foie gras starter. There’s nothing subtle about the taste of this dish. Each mouthful packs a punch, that knocks the air right out of your lungs, and makes you sit up and notice its heady liver aroma, shrouded in exquisitely silky textured bite-sizes.

Tres Magnifique.

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The Chez papa “sample” was an interesting starter as well, with a nice blend of the old favourites – salmon, mushroom, pickles and nuts.
<span class=
The Cod fish was delicious and at RM48, not too expensive either.
<span class=
The duck breast was tender and cooked just right.
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What a nice end to the night!

Great food, great company and that aged but reliable tipple.. heart-warming indeed ๐Ÿ™‚


Restoran Seng Steam Fish,

100, Jalan Keris,

Taman Sri Tebau,

80500 JB, Johor


Restoran Soon Chiang,

41, Jalan Maju,

Taman Tebrau Jaya,

80400 JB, Johor


Chez Papa French Bistro,

38 & 40, Jalan Jaya,

Taman Maju Jaya,

80400 JB, Johor


  • J2Kfm says:

    wow … din realise there are so much to eat in JB. I’ve only been to the Zone, twice this year. =P

    and ate at a western cafe called Yew’s cafe somewhere in Tmn Molek, further away.

  • Julian Si says:

    Superb blog entry from the unknown food landscape down south!

    Ah … my fave, Fois grais and Macallan ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t beat that! SLURP!!

  • Penang Tua Pui says:


    what we can say is there are really good food waiting to be savoured at JB. Got varieties to try different type….

    Hmmm.. trying to imagine if it was the Tua Pui doing the manhunt catwalk… got no six pack but definitely got one big pack… can capture attention boh? :p

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    oh, that runway! i think i’ve seen that sometime back. go up the 3rd floor (me thinks) of the zon for another coyote ugly experience. hot stuff!

    those days, singing ktv in the boat at eden only cost us a bucket of kfc…sigh…haha!

  • fatboybakes says:

    you know, i reckon the days of sipping red wine and going ooh and ahhh are numbered. single malts are the way forward!!!! onward mccallan!!!!!!!!!! and foie gras toooo……. what a decadent life you lead lady.

    (actually JB okay la for food…)

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    Yew’s eh.. will check it out the next time!

    thanks – yup, i know you luv ur single malt from your blog!

    penang tp:
    lol.. ah, but they would be laughing with you… not AT you, as this case may be!

    coyote ulgy and all the other uglies too.. lol.. actually chicks would have been more pleasing to watch. these testosterone/steroid inflated men were just weird. shudder:P

    no,no, everything has it’s place! we put away 2 bottles of the Chateau Margot… then the malt… like dat la.. hehe

  • babe_kl says:

    funny, i hvnt come across a food blogger from johor but with yr assurances, they should come in droves soon!

  • jasmine says:

    totally salivating after the fish dishes. am going to insist on being brought there when i’m in johor next.

  • backstreetgluttons says:

    JB if we remember correctly has many good eats if you know where, afterall they have been almost perfected by the perfect Sporians next door beyond the crooked bridge

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    really? will the jb foodblogger, pls stand up.. ๐Ÿ˜›


    lol – is kiasu synonymous with perfect.. don’t think so.. hahaha

  • fatboybakes says:

    oh, so sophisti one ah, got chateaux margaux…bow bow… actually, i prematurely went off red wine…no longer enjoy it, as it gives me bad headaches, and sore throat. guess it doesnt help to drink it by ze bottle.

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    really? off red-wine.. so ru a whisky man, a brandy man, a bubbly man now.. or wot? lol
    (I didnt chose the wine… I don’t know french wines at all.. and still don’t)

  • fatboybakes says:

    now sticking to whisky, preferably single malts. in terms of alcohol content, so much more cost efficient than wine leh…hahah. omigod, i just saw the pic of the foie gras (i dunno why it never showed up before), HUMONGOUS!!!! how much ah laidat?

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    i suppose one bottle of whisky does go further than a bottle of wine!
    rm64 for that…

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