Chez Rose @ Damansara Heights, KL

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I have driven past Klimt so many times, that I nearly did a double take when I saw ‘Chez Rose’, in its place. I dare say that most are familiar with Klimt’s and its Austrian cuizine, and so it follows, that dining at Chez Rose would be a similar experience in terms of cuisine, but set in more swanky, modern surroundings. Apparently Chez Rose is run by one of the partners of the old Klimt. I actually met her this time round, and she really is a nice lady.
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I love the bread here. Piping hot crusty outer layer with a soft warm center and some sort of brown cheesy butter to go with it- this means a good start to the meal.

Bismarck Herring Fillet – RM30.00

Feeling brave we decided to try the pickled herring. Enter the Bismarck Herring Fillet.

There are many variations of cured herring. Bismarck herring are unskinned fillets that have been cured in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, salt and onions.
These are normally bought ready-to-eat, in jars or tubs. The marinade additionally contains water, white vinegar, salt, a bit of sugar or other sweetening agent, onion rings, peppercorns and mustard seeds. They can be eaten cold, or on bread.

Cured Herring are common in Dutch, Scottish, German, Latvian, Scandinavian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Brazilian and South African cuisine, among others.

I have to say, that I generally am rather proud of the fact, that I have a strong stomach.

However, a bit of Mr Bismarck over here had me gagging for my water. A note of warning though – do NOT attempt to wash it down with wine. It only brings out the fishy taste of the herring with an intensity that will make you wish you had never laid eyes on that slivery, silver, squishy fish. Slathering on loads of strong tasting sauces help, but not much. Let’s just say it’s an acquired taste:)

Oh well, never try, never know right?

Kaiser Schnitzel Veal/Escalope – RM65.00

Schnitzel (in German means a cutlet without bones) is a traditional Austrian dish and is a popular part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine, consisting of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

For those who need their carbo fix, this comes with a generous side of Spaetzle.
The veal was faultless but the sauce was a tad salty. Nae bother, just push it to the side and enjoy your schnitzel as it is!

The Venison Pot Roast – RM53.00
Any prime cut cooked low, for 10- 12 hours is sure to taste exquisite and this dish was no exception. This hearty dish is 100% tender meat slow cooked in wonderful seasonings that has earned it the accurate reputation/accolade of ‘comfort food’.

Salmon Arrabiata -RM39.00
Fresh, juicy salmon slathered generously with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Delicious. No complaints here.
Grilled white cod- RM65.00
This ‘white fish’ was cooked just shy of well-done.. i.e. perfect. The flesh was decidedly taut with just the right amount of fish fat that enhanced the light style of cooking of the fish and brought out the oceanic flavours of the flesh. Unlike oily fish, white fish contain oils only in their liver, rather than in the gut. They are a much healthier alternative too and are a rich source of omega 3 (good fats). Not only is it one of the cleanest sources of protein,but it is also an easily absorbable protein source with little or no carbohydrates. Eat cod, stay slim!

Pickled Ox Tongue- RM42.00

This dish tasted better than it looked. The tongue looked tough, but it was really rather succulent. I enjoy a good tongue as much as any other person.. oo-er.

The unusual zesty sauerkraut apple paste/slurry, complemented the gamy tongue to perfection.

Baked Salmon Strudel – RM39.00
Talk about complete, unique cooking styles for bringing out the unique flavours of the salmon. I was particularly impressed with this strudel ‘log’ with its flaky, browned phyllo-ed outer layer. The log retained all the juices and sweet aroma of the salmon and the creamy rich sauce went perfectly with the ensemble.

All in all, a good eating experience.
We will be back.

Chez Rose,
6-5 Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights ,
next to Hock Lee’ s Mini Market

Tel: 603- 2092 1978


  • Paprika says:

    "I enjoy a good tongue"? Hahaha, thats such an invitation to lewd comments! hahaha. Food sounds lovely. I quite enjoy herring in small quantities but not sure about eating a whole fillet like that! Now I know why the Danes have to have Aquavit with the meal – to burn the fishy taste off the palate! 🙂

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    ohhh another restaurant tat can try in dmnsara heights..

    the salmon in the strudel looks just nicely pink..

  • Jason says:

    That's very brave of you for trying cured herring in such a big portion, girl!

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    I dig the venison 🙂 looks sumptuous! yummy…

  • email2me says:

    The Grilled white cod so thick! Just the way I like it ….

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    so, do you prefer herring or durian? hehehe…

    the cod and salmon look good la. must go try after a swim. fish mah. 😛

  • Lianne says:

    bravo girl for trying the cured herring. i am not a big fan too and had always wondered how those people stuff them down their throat … yucks! the rest looks tempting and good! man .. I don´t even get that good ones here 😛

  • mingsuan says:

    Wah how many of you went to eat that you got to try so much stuff??? Actually I don't know why I continue reading your blog you know because I am on a diet and it is not helping me any. Cheh.

  • fatboybakes says:

    and how many of you ate? i am amazed you could comment on every single dish…..!

  • mimid3vils says:

    The Herring fish skin make me feel "geli"

  • foodbin says:

    the fish looks real squishy to me-would prefer the Venison Pot roast.

  • 550ml jar of faith says:

    That is some seriously tasting shiz going down at Chez Rose! I can't believe Klimt is gone… it was such a landmark!

  • Swee San says:

    Looks like a nice place to dine in!! Yummy…

  • boo_licious says:

    I miss Klimts though and the nice fella who used to run it. Still remember how he will close the restaurant for a a month when he went home for his summer holidays.

    Menu looks a little different but at least they have the spaetzle, which I love. Keep driving pass this but never stepped in yet. Must compare this to the other Austrian place in Soho KL.

  • worldwindows says:

    Great western, I would like to make trip. Unique.

  • J2Kfm says:

    cured herrings …. bleurgh *_*

    and i see you almost finished your portion! amazing ….
    suddenly images of The Penguin from Batman movies came to mind …

  • qwazymonkey says:

    hmmm everything sounds like sean's budget. My tiny puny budget cannot afford eating here lah. Must save up for rainy days and long monkey lunches.

  • Julian Si says:

    Wah … I am drooling from a timezone 4 hours away!! Nitez 🙂

  • genuiness says:

    oooh… Pickled herrings. I love those. They served them every morning for breakfast in Germany and they were very tasty – a bit like sardines. Mind you this was pickled herrings in a 5* hotel/ 3michelin* restaurant… The best thing to wash them down with is a glass of fresh orange juice.

  • J says:

    Yum yum. The cod and the salmon look so good! 🙂

    Re. "enjoying good tongue": Haha… Such a notti comment!

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    Everything looks so good!! cept the Herring of course ;p

    Thnks for the history and nutritional tips too, i didnt know! really!

    Jln Batai.. soon soon soon.

  • ~Christine~Leng says:

    too many to try at damansara heights 🙂 putting this onto my list 🙂

  • My Taste Heaven says:

    Ha, I dont think that I have the courage to try the Bismarck Herring Fillet.

  • kampungboycitygal says:

    pickled *any fish* is a fear factor food for me . had it once and was traumatized ever since.

  • ling239 says:

    the grilled cod is so chunky!!! ^O^

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    i do.. don't you:P

    yea, aquavit! why didnt i think of dat:)

    lets arrange a trip soon la with the gang

    i didn't finish mine. someone else did;)

    yea, it was!

    u like ur thick too huh:P

    neither! yarks.. hehe

    slithery silvery icky! hehe

    aiyoh throw away the diet lar.. 😛
    around 5 to six of us..

    fbb:5 to 6. but i ate most of it.. mwuahhaha (joking)

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    mimi, foodbin:
    you both don't like herring either huh.. can't blame ya.. it's an acquired taste

    yar.. just like that.. twas gone:(

    swee san:

    yar, if u comparing, dont forget to bring me! LOL

    you must

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    you caught me.. ! i gave it away.. i didnt finish my portion 🙁 hehe

    don't be like dat lar.. save up can go mah.. LOL.. sean's budget has to run low too.. sometime.. (!) hehe

    dat a lot of drool.. 😛

    wow, can tell you really love your 5star herring. orange juice eh… well, why didn't I think of that..:)

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    who doesn't enjoy a good tongue once in a while.. u tell me?! 😀

    bring the man from unka too.

    go , go!

    My taste heaven, KBCG:
    you guys don't like it eithr huh.. i think I may steal eat it.. but in small portions la.. (and now iv learnt.. wash it down with orange juice!)

    chunky munkey! hehe

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