Hayn’s Pizzeria @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Ding goes the cheese-o-meter!

If you are a fan of pizza, you should give Hayn’s Pizza a try! It’s been around a while, but this is still one of our favourite weekend pizza joints, so very close to home (i.e., no need to go into the heart of KL especially on Merdeka eve .. haha) It is fast,cheap and good! What’s more, if you live in the Hartamas area, they do free delivery.
The reason we like this pizza is because it Hits the BELL at the top of the CHEESE-O-METER! Also, for the largest Pizza Funghi, 18inch, it is only RM24. What a steal..

They don’t charge corkage, so we nipped down to Denise wines (5 shops away) and picked up a nice Riesling . Mmmmm, it went really well with the Pizza:D

Hmmmm… what was that we spied with our cheesy eye… LEARD a wine a day! How cute:D

Hayn’s Pizzeria,
64, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Delivery Toll Free No: 1-300-82-3000

Service:7/10 (very zippy – we just walked over to get a wine, when we got back, the pizza was already on the table! average time: 15 mins)
Sodium levels:7/10 (mainly from cheese)
MSG levels: nil

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  • J2Kfm says:

    really cheesy, obvious from your pic. didn’t see this shop when I was frantically searching for food in Hartamas. ended up at paddington. hehe …

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