Genji Japanese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton

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I love sitting at the sushi counter.. because.. that’s where all the “AKSHUN” is! (action)
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And if someone asks.. hot or cold? i usually say “Cold.. and your smoothest please!”

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We really got hammered this time.. Whilst the sashimi was indisputably fresh and in a class of its own, the price was just over the top – 3 pieces of toro at rm53 EACH! Luckily the yellow tail was just rm17 each. The scallops at RM20 each for a tinsy-winsy morsel. Too much really. And also, those highlighted in the photo, are only, well, those highlighted. So imagine the damage.

(Thank goodness dinner was not on me that night. haha!)

Teapot soup to chase your blues away… Dobin Mushi! If you say the word many times without pausing, it will surely start to make u smile:D

In Japan, it is usually served as a medicinal soup made with matsutake mushrooms – dobin means teapot and mushi means steamed! How apt! The specially designed pot for DM looks just like a small teapot. However, on top of the lid of the pot, there is a small inverted saucer. When you “drink” the soup, you use the small saucer as a soup bowl. Included in the dobin mushi were white fish, prawn, ginko nuts, matsutake mushrooms and mizuna vegetable in a broth of bonto and Japanese citrus.

I love this dainty lil soup. One teapot for one person.. almost seems like too much of a good thing!




Pleased to introduce…

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Borrowing the catch phrase/slogan form El-Cerdo ….
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This is the Ebi Special(tiger prawn) lathered with the “secret sauce”, that is, super-special-one-of-a-kind-cannot-find-anywhere-else-says-head-chef,

(but we know it’s Mayo ..haha)

Ebi is not on the menu. Ebi is special.

Not bad, but this dish alone sent our cholesterol levels to infinity and beyond. Yee-ha!

So.. you think you can eat… ?! Watch this…

Next on the menu are , huge-ass oysters from Canada (so say the Chef)

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Ta-dah!!! Hrmmm… maybe they don’t look that big,

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That’s my tatty N70… so, wotchu think now? lol… RM12 for one of these babies 😀

Many rolls, weird squidgy sea-creatures and kampai’s later… we were ready for dessert…

Now when the Chef sends over dessert, on-the-house, it’s normally one of 2 things.

1. He is really generous and your best mate from another life

2. Your bill for 3 persons averages RM250 per head.

( You have a 50% chance of getting this one right:P)

Like i said before, and i’ll say it again, “I am SO glad I am not picking up this tab”!

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Truth be told, this mochi with red bean and strawberry ice-cream was TO DIE FOR.

And pretty too!

I nearly couldn’t bring myself to eat it. (Errr, not really)

All in all, a fantastic meal. Too rich for my blood though… in more ways than one:P



Genji Japanese Restaurant,

No 2 Jalan Barat,

46200 Petaling Jaya,




MSG levels: moderate

Salt levels: high


  • Julian Si says:

    Wow, MSG and SALT LEVEL indicators on your blog now!? Cool … good idea!

    ps – that photo of mine on Malaysian Today was hot off the press, aka off my dad’s Nikon D80 50mm, no touch-up whatsoever 🙂

    pps – Are we Facebook buddies yet?

  • J2Kfm says:

    wah … the TORO’s price alone can feed me for days and days and days …
    how indulgent.

    GIANT oysters on the attack?!!!

  • Life for Beginners says:

    The mochi with red bean and strawberry ice-cream looks likes something I’ll be hitting up soon. *drools*

    Yet another Japanese restaurant to explore! 😀

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    say, RM1 = 30 yen.
    RM250 = 7500 yen.
    yeah, about there lar in Japon. like 1 omakase meal liddat d…

    i want that oyster!!!!i wonder if they do with baked cheese…totemo totemo oishi!

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    i love it when u speaketh the japanese ;p

  • Jackson says:

    the oyster is as big as the handphone… slurpp..slurp..

  • mimid3vils says:

    what a sumptuous feast~~

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    yar.. huge eh (that’s what she said)

    yarp yarp

  • fatboybakes says:

    53 bucks per piece? gee, i suddenly feel that i’ve only eaten at the pasar malam equivalents of japanese food, despite having recently felt slaughtered big time.

  • 550ml jar of faith says:

    Envy! For the feast that you tucked away! For your generous dinner companion! I gotta get out more…

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    thanks to FBB’s comment (wink)comment has been removed, you know how to find me on FB

    attack of the giant oysters – B grade flick!

    mochi that looks like plum! how cute

    it was too much. maybe they even ripped us off?!
    (comment has been removed, lol. good thinking)

  • Precious Pea says:

    HUGE OYSTERS!!! I hope it is not seasonal. Must bring HUbby there asap. Hubby loves oysters just as much as i love crabs!

    But the price of the sashimi really shocking.

  • worldwindows says:

    A class act.

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    what a perfect match!


  • backstreetgluttons says:

    by golly ! that kind of RM250 per head can get

    you n me (2 heads n hearts )a wonderful 4 course resort dinner each with one complimentary btl of fine wine overlooking some serene tropical lake complete with sea breeze with the fine Austrian Band!…and a nice leftover for a few more sizzling chilled beers in shining slim mugs. Can ?

  • fatboybakes says:

    ah, but lucky i added u in time!

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