New World Park & Miraku, Penang

Just when you thought you could eat no more…. someone yells… NEW WORLD PARK!

A relatively new food court.. we were skeptical about the food here..

No matter.. we soon spotted some snacks we wanted to sink out teeth into…

Wow! The Yam cake here was really fantastic! Every mouthful was baby shrimp! None of that fake, watered down yam cake you sometimes get. This was the real deal. And chucks of yam to boot. Very, very good.

Everything that wobbles! This Bah-Chang encompasses all that we believe a BAH CHANG should encompass! lol.
From the word go, the pork fat in this dish will bowl you over… Soft and succulent and oozing with FAT. Just the way we like our decadent lunchtime snack.


The Chai kuey was bursting at the seems and could not be contained! … be it the turnip or the “kau choy”… it was Goooooood!

The ice kacang… 10X better than lorong selamat’s…
The satay!

gawd… what can we say… this food court was much better than the hawker food we had tried so far… amazing but true..

we will be back!

The view from our G hotel window!

Hmmmmm… enough of hawker… NIGHT 2 and already saturated with road-side food. What shall we have for dinner…?

We decided… Japanese! At G hotel… sounded like the obvious choice.. innit?

Everything looked so good!

Erm, but, considering how marvellous the food looked… it was really so-so… Be it wagyu beef, salmon eggs or sashimi… we found this place to be over-priced and pretty average…

From the soft shell carb…
to the seasonal “urchin”…
the rolls.. to the shishamo…

A lot of the food, was at best, average.

Finally the saving grace.. the Ox tongue! This was shear and sweet!

Oh well, 1st and last time we eat here. The bill was a whopping RM900. Later we found out that Miraku is just a branch of Sushi King.. YIKES! Not even a G hotel restaurant! holy smokes.. we just got conned into paying for high class sushi king.. !

Never again… lol 😛


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