Kafe Heng Huat Char Kwey Teow & Ocean Green Seafood, Penang

So my Penang colleagues are making me PICK. And I hate to pick.

They say… you can only have ONE Char Kwey Teow… so pick!

It was a toss up between the Sister’s Char Kwey Teow.. or the Lorong Selamat Char Kwey Teow

Sister’s – Lorong Selamat – Sister’s – Lorong Selamat… ?!

In the end… one of my colleagues decides, because my indecisiveness is causing her stomach, gastric angst.. so she DECIDES!


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Lorong Selamat ! The shop has moved. But just a couple of blocks to the corner lot.. it’s cleaner… but still as PACKED!

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Crazy Char Kwey Teow lady, with her crazy yellow sun-glasses/specks…

Killer mad.

You’ve got to love it!

We tell her our order and without looking up or batting a crazy eye she says …


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So ACTION man, this woman… but you know what? She was serious!! The Char Kwey Teow took a bloody long time to arrive I tell ya.

So we dug in our heals ordered some fried popiah, and prepared for the wait…

<span class=

Still more popiah arrived.. fresh and yummie

<span class=

As well as the Lobak….

<span class=

And ice kacang

<span class=

And more lobak with century egg…

Like one hour has passed and still no char kwey teow





Then FINALLY! It gets here!

<span class=

SIX ringgit worth of gorgeous, oily, sexy, yummie Char Kwey Teow! Not cheap.. but a pretty decent plate of noodles if you ask me.

<span class=

Me .. I prefer mine HOT! Just look at the difference in color! Yup.. that’s almost one of the greasiest, REDDEST Char Kwey Teow you will see, this side of planet earth!






<span class=

Late evening… Gurney is cast in this most gorgeous incandescent HUE…

<span class=

Just look at the sky.. isn’t it pretty.

And when i see a pretty sky… i think …. MARTINI’S!!!!

<span class=

Ah.. just on the corner between G hotel and Gurney hotel is this new place for martini’s called… well, erm… MARTINI !

<span class=

This place looks seriously packed with the GWAILO

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We drink up every shade of the great James Bond cocktail before we head out for dinner…


<span class=

Ocean Green my Penang colleagues tell me has pretty decent seafood…

<span class= <span class=

Being a HUGE fan of the CLAW… I cannot wait to sink in my teeth into the crab..

Every other dish to me is just a mere pleasantry. A formality I have to endure before I get to the MAIN deal of the night! The crab!

<span class=
The cod fish was flawless.
<span class=
The Mantis (Lai Liew Har) was rather rubbery.. over cooked i imagine..
<span class=

YES! There it is! Bring out the crab! We have the baked crab in all its succulent splendor..

as well as the Salted Egg crab.. (Ham Tan Hai).

And just to make sure that such a huge , menacing crab is dead… my friend POKES it for good measure…

Funny girl:)

<span class=
Yup. Truly dead… 😛

And soon to be wiped clean as well.. lol!




As we clutch our severely distended stomachs… we think we might call it a night… but.. NO! our Penang colleagues have other plans for us…

They tell us, we must go to a pub and continue drinking…

Good Grief! Are all Penangites so hardcore?! LOL

<span class=

Fine.. so we clamber into the car… and as we approach the pub, we see this amazing JAM that spans for like for EVER…

<span class=
Ah.. then it dawn on us.. gas price hike tomorrow… ! No wonder la…
So we get to this crazy ass joint.. and we are told very quickly..


Spin the dice… and call the other person’s bluff..!

Arrrgh.. save me..! I feel like I am being AH-LIAN-nized.. in the fastest possible manner.. lol

Ladies and Gentlemen.. you have just entered the Twilight Zone.

Kidding la… Penang people are cool.. and really know how to let their hair down..

We had a cool time that night.. and here are the mugshots to prove it 😛

<span class=
<span class=
<span class=
Ok.. ok.. so… the end of NIGHT 1 in Penang… Already, they have taught me a thing or two about the DRINK.. and there we were, thinking we KL folk knew every trick in the book..
<span class=
THE END. Night 1 goes to .. the PENANG TEAM! *grin*


  • Sweetpea says:

    Do not tell me you did not get to the beef ball noddles – you know the one with all the cow’s insides….. and also outsides!!!!!

    BEST in Malaysia man!

    Love that sky – God’s wonderful creation…just for U to enjoy

  • Precious Pea says:

    After all those pre-char kuey teow snacks, still can gobble downt he CKT? Hehe..i like mine fiery hot too!

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    ultimate partying even if it is in small town penang..1 hr for CKT? this is ridiculous!

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    3.5 hours drive from kl, 1 hour wait…hmm, interesting math. but then again, i will wait…it’s CKT, man! hehe…

    hmm, i wonder what’s next? the famous penang heong peang biscuit? woohoo!

  • Bobo says:

    U r absolutely right – thumbs up for Pg ckt – just unbeatable elsewhere.

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    Only 2 nights in Penang.. didn’t have enough time to try everything.. as it is, we ate morning, noon and night?! How? haha

    Precious Pea:
    Can! Always can!

    Yup, eat and drink till u drop!

    We didn’t have time for the PEANG.. only 2 nights in Penang..
    🙁 so sad.. sigh


  • Big Boys Oven says:

    this is so awesome, I must make another trip to Penang soon! ” be ta han!”

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