Jalan San Peng Har Mee Stall @ Jalan Loke Yew, KL

Based on past blogger’s comments and feedbacks on my blog on Tiger Jit Singh Chapati, I decided to heed their advice and check out the Har Mee/Lam Mee stall just a few blocks away. Thanks for the tips, food bloggers 🙂
They were right! As we approached the place.. the smell of Har Mee hung thick in the air!
We were pretty excited to try out the noodles…
First the Lam mee… at RM4.50 per bowl, it was thick and sweet.. but a little on the starchy side. The chicken tasted excellent, but the soup stock was just a little salty with not much taste… Good thing the succulence from the “pak cham kai” (white chicken) made up for it.
That’s mine! I decided on the har mee and prepared for the moment of truth.
This bowl is not cheap i tell ya… the price for large prawn and additional ingredients (Kar-liew) is … RM10.50 ! Wow… this better be good.
Again the chicken was great! Unusual that they serve chicken with har mee.. but very effective. The sweetness of the white meat came through for this bowl of noodles. Unfortunately the soup was just salty and lacked any “prawny” taste.. To me.. the prawniness of the Har Mee is the make or break factor.. Har Mee can never be too prawny!
Oh well.. at least the LIAO was sweet and filling… however, the soup still leaves a lot to be desired.
DSC07707 DSC07703
The home-made chilli was hot and good! No complaints there!
All in all a good choice if you are looking for a quick roadside hawker, with loadsa “old world KL” feel 🙂
Jalan San Peng Har Mee Stall,
Jalan San Peng,
Off Jalan Loke Yew,
Food: 5/10
MSG levels : moderate
Salt levels: High


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