Paragliding at North Port Klang & Dinner at Pasta De Gohan , Sunway Pyramid

Follow that old rickety road… off the beaten track…

Keep following the fence… 


Until you see..
a HUGE field! and there I will be… waiting… 

That’s what our paragliding instructor told us…!

And there he was.. true to his word… eventhough dusk was approaching fast.. he waited for us


Yikes! Do I have to do this??! Don’t make me go…. lol… 🙁

This chapter I would like to call… “Conquering my acrophobia”!


Sorry lovey… everyone has to go.. yells our ruddy faced instructor… !


And I tell you….

Boy was I glad I did! It was one of the most awesome rides of my life! DSC07653
Up… up…..


… and away….!


That’s me.. that tiny black spec in the sky!

The place : somewhere on a field, in a kampung.. North Port Klang, Klang

What you need : Nothing but yourself and a sense of adventure! (check out this activity at WHOA Adventures)

Time: Normally weekends, noon onwards, when the winds are less strong.


We rushed back, in time for dinner with our friends, at Pasta de GohanSunway Pyramid. We had read so much about this place from other bloggers we just had to try it!

DSC07616 DSC07619
What can we say.. the pasta was good… but perhaps all that “flying” had our adrenaline pumping and we were therefore thoroughly famished… and found that, for the prices (averaging RM2o plus – RM30 plus plus, depending if you have plain egg and bacon topping … or high end seafood..), the portions were really small… !

The pizza crust was almost wafer thin. We had Carbonara Pizza which was really delicious, but again, tiny ! I could have eaten it all by myself in one sitting… and then some!


maybe next-time, we will do the SET.. which at RM14.80, seemed much more value for money!

Pasta: 7/10


Taste: Excellent (8/10)

Price : Small portions for those prices

Service : Good (Plenty of eager beaver staff)


  • backstreetgluttons says:

    omg you must be of those less than 0.0001 % who actually flies in the sky ! what an experience , so high

    why no put the video would be terrific

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    good job there! what’s next? bungee jumping? hohoho! 😉

    the sets look good. hungry or not, i’ll need two, at least…haha!

  • Sweetpea says:

    Wow! cool – go Birdwoman!

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    nxt time hold a bottle of wine when u fly off…drink to calm ur nerves..

  • Tummythoz says:

    Lol on NJoe’s comment.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    team bsg:
    alamak.. i forgot to take video.. too nervous about the sky la..

    yikes! bungee is out of the question… my fear of heights will make me freeze.. the only way i will jump is if someone pushes me off!

    it’s a bird, it’s a plane.. its BIRDWOMAN.. hahaha

    now why didn’t i think of that?!!! muahahahaha

    hehe.. ditto

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    Aiyah, I thought I captured a pic of a rama-rama in the sky in Klang dat day. So it was you larrr. Cis.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    lyrical lemongrass:
    it was ME! i was the butterfly… or rather the butterflies were in my stomach 😉

  • Big Boys Oven says:

    the food was delicious and yes portion was small, wonder if singapore looks beeter?

  • Squirrelicious says:

    Hi! I do agree the food portion is kinda small, and to me is pretty disappointing. Still prefer the taste of cooking from Pasta Zenmai. 🙂

  • Julian Si says:

    Great write up on your flying experience 🙂

    Haha… you guys always like having good food after adventure stuff eh, just like when you went up in the trees!!

    Wanted to try this pasta jap place in Sunway for a while now, gotta go some time … mmmh!

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