Grand Harbour Restaurant’s Private Kitchen @ Fahrenheit 88

One of the restaurants I keep walking past, on Bukit Bintang is Grand Harbour restaurant. Located on the corner of Fahrenheit 88, this place is best known for its Cantonese food. And normally since it is the shopping that brings me to Bukit Bintang, I rarely have enough time left over for a quick dinner, let alone a sit down dinner.


Tonight however, I would be specifically on Bukit Bintang, to have dinner at the Private Kitchen of Grand Harbour, located on the second floor of the building. Which means to say, not just dining on grand food.. but grand food in grand surroundings. Private kitchen grand.


Well, have to give it to them, the private rooms did look grand.. and they had these karaoke sets on the mentalpiece as well, which probably meant that you could hire the room, sing your heart out over dinner, and nobody would give two hoots.. unless you sang really badly and loudly of course. In which case, too bad for your dinner companions.. just have more wine. Yes indeed, nothing a bit of wine can’t fix. Back to the layout – with fresh rose petals on the table and a Guzheng in the corner, it certainly looked like these guys had gone all out to impress us tonight. Well, we definitely hoped that dinner would be equally impressive.

Lobak Canapes to start off with, and paired with a choice of red or white wine..  now that’s my kind of Chinese Restaurant!


The Guzheng and the Yanching.. make for great company in a setting like this. Far better than karaoke!


Appetizer – BBQ Squid “Nanyang” Style

I didn’t care for this starter which I found rubbery and overcooked. The sauce was also terribly salty and a tad too sweet.


Soup – Double Boiled Fish Maw & Duck Soup (Double Boiled 6 hours)

Loved this soup of double boiled fish maw. The Far Kaw is my favourite, much better than the Yee Piu because of its soft and melt in your mouth texture. The soup was bursting with sweetness and flavour.


Did I fail to mention that all events can be customized with a suitable wine-food pairing menu, you just need to inform Grand Harbour of your needs and they will create a suitable menu for you.


Entree – BBQ Spanish Spare Rib with Fresh Scallop Salad


The ribs were delicious with a nice sliver of fat in the middle that held all the flavour together. That mayo salad on the side was not my thing. I really dislike creamy salads like that. Didn’t really do anything for the Scallop with Salmon Roe.


Stewed Whole Abalone with Eel and Whole Garlic

Super delectable Abalone, with a rather bony eel. It’s difficult to appreciate something when you’re fighting with the bones. This was just OK for me.


Braised Curry Beef Shank (braised for 2 hrs) Served with Glutinous Rice 

A thoroughly enjoyable, fork tender shank which will have you shoveling rice. This was an incredibly tasty dish.


Dessert –  Chilled Coconut Juice with Ice-cream & Crispy Pumpkin Pancake

Dessert was a refreshing chilled coconut cream with a consistency, almost like that of milkshake. I liked the way it contrasted with the warm, crispy pumpkin pancake.


Executive Chef Chan Peng Wah (Chef Dai Bei) & Chef Vincent, Outlet Chef

Specializing in Cantonese cuisine, Chef Dai Bei stresses on the importance of using premium and fresh ingredients in every dish with a blend of creativity and delighting guests with his gastronomic specialties. Chef Vincent is Chef Dai Bei’s right-hand man.

Not a bad dinner. You get more than what you pay for – a nice room, karaoke set that would keep even the average singer happy, failing which the Guzheng and the Yanching could kick in. We highly recommend the Private Kitchen at Grand Harbour for private functions and events for larger parties than 4.


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Grand Harbour
Lot LG2 – 01 & 02 Lower Ground Two,
Fahrenheit 88, No. 179, Jalan Walter Grenier,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-2141 1763
Hours: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

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