Werner’s @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Wow… a couple of months back, we were really surprised when we drove past Changkat Bukit Bintang.. because the last standing, corner HOUSE had finally buckled and SOLD! We thought that the Gan family who virtually own the entire stretch along the row opposite El Cerdo would not give up that house! Oh well, apparently that house was kept for mama Gan, and when she passed on, they decided to put it up for rent too.

So… the man Werner whom we love from El Cerdo, and his nephew and our friend, Andreas, have opened Werner’s across the road from El Cerdo!

We could not wait to sample the food! Apparently while El Cerdo is famous for their PIGGY, this place serves great veal and free range chicken from Spain.

The place was really well renovated.. be it inside sitting…
or outdoor balcony lounging…

this place has a cosy feel with a warm ambiance.

DSC07532 DSC07537
We quickly settled on a Spanish rose.. which was really rather good… almost as good as the Brut Rose, but at half the price.

For starters we had the Canapes.. gorgeous toasted bread with either Caviar, Smoked Salmon or Goose Liver Pate… this went great with the Rose..

A Canape is a small, bite-size, decorative food, often served during cocktail hours, either salty or spicy, in order to encourage guests to drink more.

No wonder we were having so much fun with our Rose! lol.

We just heard that white asparagus are in season! We just had to try them! These are huge … far huger than their green counterpart, and can be rather expensive depending on the grade. They are considered an expensive May, June seasonal delicacy, in Northwest Europe. A whole plate of these babies could set you back RM55 ! Not Cheap.
My veal! I see it! Wow.. it smells divine.

When I sink my teeth into it, I can understand why Veal should be prepared well done. As it is baby cattle, it is already sooooooo soft that you don’t need to bite hard into it. It literally melts in the mouth! The cream sauce and the hash brown like potatoes it comes with, completes the ensemble perfectly.

On the other hand, we were not so lucky with the duck pasta. The duck was gamy, bony.. and the pasta was over cooked! No wonder they tell you to eat either the chicken or the veal here…

I would say that pasta is not this restaurant’s forte! lol.

DSC07575 DSC07583
DSC07585 DSC07591

Upstairs, Andreas makes us a mean cocktail post dinner… it is called “The Old Fashion”. Bitter is added to a rock of sugar to take off the edge. Then orange peel is grind into the glass and along the outer part of the glass rim.

Wild Turkey Bourbon is then added to the concoction.. Wild Turkey is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, and its nicknames include “The Dirty Bird,” “Gobble Gobble,” “Thunder Chicken,” and “The Kickinโ€™ Chicken” ! How cute! ๐Ÿ˜›

What you get is a really nice strong scotch (55%), but that is easy on the throat. Very, very good!


Now that we have eaten our fill… and drunk our fill.. we shall say.. Good night!

Food: 7/10
MSG levels ; nil


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