Yoshimi Japanese @ Warisan Square, KK

We love Warisan Square we do! It has all my fav shops especially roxy …;P set amidst the bustling city centre overlooking the vibrant tourism-belt “KK Waterfront” and the idyllic islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, it is the mall where city folks and tourists flock to for something hot and hip!
Alongside all this, we heard that a cute lil Japanese restaurant had opened here… so after checking out roxy.. we traipsed down to Yoshimi to find out what all the fuss was about 😉

Hmmm… wot can we say.. pretty alright ambiance…
The cold sake went down smooth… like butter on a hot corb…
The sashimi was fresh..

The soft shell crab was a lil burnt… and the kobe beef was rather so-so… as in.. if you have to chew it .. it probably ain’t (or ain’t such good quality) kobe beef…

We found it rather suspicious when the owner produced an extra bottle of sake, on the house… either she really liked us (unlikely).. or we had just spent a substantial amount of dosh at her joint (likely .. and in which case.. suckers … )

MSG levels : moderate
Price: high
Service :7/10

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