Hua Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ Park Royal, Singapore



We had such a CUTE chinese tea WAITER at our table i had to kick myself from taking too many photos.. haha… what is it about men in red samfu that does it for me… i dunno… ;P

I just got back from a meeting in Singapore. We stayed at the Park Royal, and the chinese restaurant there, Hua Yuen, serves pretty good food.

This was what we had…


To begin with, the 4seasons was replaced by a really cool 11 dish starter…. enough to WHET your appetite and get your vagus center pumping… !

Imagine our surprise and delight when they told us that they had prepared THIS for our vegetarian colleagues…

Not just your run of the mill, boring, green veges or “Chow fan” … but really funky, state-of-the- art vegetarian such as pseudo pandan chicken…(complete and wrapped in pandan leaf and all…), pseudo “lap cheong” (sausage) and even pseudo chicken chestnut… cool huh… we were totally bowled over.. we were !


Here is the really cool ying-yang sharks fin soup. the green part is spinach and the white is your fin soup… killer creative… a really handsome dish.. makes u just wanna stare at it and go ooooooo…

Ha! my fav dish of the night… Piggy spare ribs.. the fat and meat just melt off the bone, … at this point i wished i had an extra stomach to accommodate all that gorgeous food.

The rest of the night was nothing short of amazing either… cod fish in light batter, sea cucumber with abalone and finally the double boiled tong-sui for dessert.

It all went down really easy.

Too easy…

back to kl… and time to chalk up the kilometers again i think… ;P


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