Meatworks @ Solaris Mt Kiara (Soho KL)

We’d been eyeing the place for a while. What goes on in that corner shop lot, whose name declares the promise of a full steak dinner and all that bleeds in good old fashioned, grilled red meat.


Milk Feb lamb – RM39.00

Apparently here at Meatworks, the menu is created for that precise purpose. To offer “a unique plethora of gastronomical delights to suit the tiny and the mighty, the true brave spirits and the conventional.”

We were pretty psyched to try all that the menu had to offer.

First up was the milk fed lamb. When I first saw this on the menu, my heart leapt. This lamb is truly amazing and if you have never tried it. It is suppose to be the lamb that suckled on their mother’s milk for as short as a month and a half before getting the axe. The flavour and texture of milk-fed lamb when grilled or roasted  is generally said to be much finer than that of older lamb.

The milk fed lamb at Meatworks was superb. Soft and succulent in texture and grilled medium, it was perfection on a plate. My only grouse – not enough of its pale pink flesh on my plate. The price  on the menu at only RM39.00 looked cheap and then we realised why. Only just one cutlet per plate. A similar Lamb rack  with 3 big pieces is available too and priced at RM55.00. Much more value for money but the texture of the lamb was not as good , for obvious reasons.



Run by a very young team headed by executive director Izzana Salleh, 23, this place has been designed to meet the expectations of both yuppies and the mature crowd. Meatworks is also a great place to bring your Muslim friends because the beef is totally 100% halal. They do not serve alcohol in this joint.


No worries though, you can cross the road the Cold storage for this!


No corkage charged at all.. now that’s what I call a cool restaurant!


Rib eye Steak – RM46.00

Since the milk lamb was so minute, we needed to keep eating in order to satisfy our hunger and so we ordered the rib eye steak. Cooked Medium rare, but looking dangerously close to ‘blue’, this steak was literally bleeding on our plate. It bled so much we had to send it back. Second time round, it was done medium. The steak was good, but not as good as the brown sauce that came with it. Someone actually guzzled the sauce and proclaimed the steak perfect.. go figure!


Scallops – RM28.00

The scallops were a let down. Do not order this.


What can I say. I liked the meat at Meatworks. A great grilled steak begins with a great steak. But how do you tell a great steak from a regular steak? People like yours truly go to the wet market (surprise surprise, yes ciki has had many a close encounter with the wet-market butcher.. see real life pictures here) or the supermarket and see the unending spread of different cuts of meat and just end up feeling more confused than before stepping out of the house. The aunties seem to know exactly what they want and make a beeline for it. Me, I just try to keep out of their way and survive my marketing experience. Anyway I have since learnt from many a meat expert that there are a couple of things to look for when buying a steak. First there is the grade. The grade tells you about the quality of the meat based on marbling and age. The second factor is the cut. Different cuts have different qualities. Finding the right cut for what you want to grill is probably the most important part of an excellent steak, is what I’ve been told, time and time again. What happens if you don’t know which cut or which grade? Well, then just ask the butcher (better bring someone who is proficient in Cantonese if you’re at the wet market:P).. but then again you could just go to Meatworks, because they speak English. Yea.. best plan I think.. just go to Meatworks;)




Meatworks Restaurant & Deli,
No.4, Jalan Solaris 5,
Solaris Mt Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 6204 0398


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