Mizu @ TTDI Plaza , KL


TTDI plaza… so icy.. so modern.. so cyber!
The last time we were here, I didn’t have my point and shoot… so this time i was determined to capture my dinner on film.. haha…

a long day at work, had us reaching gleefully for the sake… ;P

enter sashimi.. in its purest, raw-est, unadulterated form…

what really got me intrigued was this…


at the top, right hand corner sat this white, material that looked liked squid, tasted like some form of squid… but was WAY sweeter and whilst chewy, less tough than your regular octopus… hmmm… what is that??!

Well… THAT… comes from… THIS!!!
So says our incredibly friendly and helpful waitress…. She dashed off and promptly produced the un-cut form of the tsubugai (shell fish)… just to show us the starting material. .. how cute and helpful is that?! very cool waitress;)

The yellowtail carpaccio… yum-yum…

These people really know how to serve their food in order of ‘taste-intensity’… we had the raw stuff before the stronger tasting, more gamey dishes.. So clever, these people…
This is the foie gras with radish… tres scrumplitious !

What else did they have up their sleeves… ?!

the ox cheek! … gamey but good for those who like a real kick to their meal… strong and bold… nothing wishy-washy about this dish i tell ya… killer intense taste…

The unagi was the final dish they served and it was not bad.. i am not a big fan of unagi (too sweet) but it was good… ! We finished off the sake, and decided to call it a night.

Price : just under RM400 for 2 persons.. erm.. high !
MSG levels : moderate

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