Champ’s @ Centerpoint, Bandar Utama

We love Champs, we do! It’s our favourite lunchtime venue because it is so close to work!

But that’s not the only reason we love it.

We love it because we are SIZE QUEENs.

That’s right.. because bigger is (always)better.. and it doesn’t get any bigger than THIS… lol 😛

I mean just look at the size of the prawns!

The owner’s philosophy is either do it BIG or don’t do it at all…! (Kinda like him.. lol)

Anyway, what that means, is that while the food, classified as Hawker cuizine, i.e. Har Mee, Char Kwey Teow etc… is not cheap, it certainly is value for money….

…because the bowl is HUGE and packed to the gills with “LIAO” (the good stuff.. the meat!)

Totally non-halal… totally killer delicious…

but don’t take OUR word for it… we dare you to FINISH the entire bowl .. and not fall asleep at the desk!

Go on then…. ;P

Food: 7/10
MSG levels: Moderate
Price: value for money!

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  • zorro says:

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