PARTY , eat, shop… BANGKOK !


All i ever do in Bangkok is eat, party, shop.. not necessarily in that order !

Introducing my favourite “sky-high” bar and restaurant…SIROCCO!
Sirocco is a spectacular roof top bar/restaurant at the 63rd floor of the State Tower (Lebua Hotel) and part of the so called Dome.

Tres-tres chi-chi ! I love it.

Gorgeous furniture and the rich smell of leather tell you that fun and glam are just round the corner !

Here is Sirocco !

Looking at the view, I get a little dizzy… This high up, maybe it’s the lack of oxygen:P

State Tower, in the not so distant past, had been one of those half finished ‘shell-of-a-building’… another victim of the Asian Economic crisis. However, the bad times are now a figment of the past, and state tower has blossomed into one of those landmark buildings of the city Bangkok, sitting on the junction of Silom and Charoen Krung Road.

Isn’t it just so grand!

We waited AGES for our drinks… Look at the crowd! Insane.

In the end we gave up waiting outside and decided to move the party in, to the swanky, more comfortable indoor bar.

Finally.. a cocktail to end my draught 😛 haha

Just a word of caution… the drinks here are great.. expensive BUT humongous, loads of alcohol and truly value for money. But don’t ever, ever eat here because the restaurant food sucks! You have been warned!

Street stalls are the way to go in Bangkok, i tell ya. Really.

SONY moment !!! Say cheese… mon ami… :):)

The indoor DJ spins a mean tune… Cool, chill-out house assault the senses…
It’s pretty snooty, all this. It really is. Too snooty for words…. I love it 😛

Even the DJ is snooty. I mean, like if you spun against this backdrop, wouldn’t YOU be snooty?!

We were here 2 times in 3 days for drinks! Did i fail to mention that this is my ALL time favourite bar in ALL of Bangkok ? (I didn’t? Really? Oh… :P)


Here is the Tapas Bar! Our friends the french DJs use to spin here on a regular basis! The music they spin is HOUSE (french, of course:P). Of late, they have local DJs spinning here though.. but the music is still pretty good.

The local DJ in action ! The local Ah-kwa in AKSHUN!

Live percussions add a human touch to an electronic baseline…
The crowd is warming up…
Wow! What else has Bangkok to offer.. i wonder…


Man… the Thais are really into high and lofty places I tell ya… Everything seems to be located at least 60 floors above ground level!

In the case of Vertigo… some 61 floors above the streets of Bangkok! Over these few days clubbing, I overcame my fear of heights.. I really did!

This open-air rooftop took my breath away. Stylish, sophisticated and reaching for the clouds, there is no better place for a romantic tête-à-tête, glamorous cocktail party or just chilling out with your mates…

Again, as with Sirocco, they do food here.. and again (as with Sirocco) it leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, Bangkok hawker food is just soooooo great that you really don’t need to splurge on 5 star dining.. save your money for the BOOZE and the PARTY and the SHOPPING! lol.

Anyway, if you like, you can indulge in barbecued seafood, champagne and a wide selection of cocktails, wines-by-the-glass and non-alcoholic drinks….

Or… better yet, indulge in a stellar bottle of vintage wine, good company… and great conversation…

as we did … :):)


By ‘Bed’, I don’t mean calling it a night…


This place is not new to the party people of Bangkok , but it can still pull a crowd, on any weekend. We get there at midnight and the place is rocking.

Psychedelic colours and psychedelic people move to the pulse of a different beat…

Man.. how do these people see in the dark… what with all those intermittent blinding laser lights…

SKILLED. They really are.

After awhile… we started to get restless… and a lil tired of strobing lights…

After awhile MORE… i got REALLY hungry and REALLY grouchy…

So did the french-off-duty-dj-dudes.. i mean, look at their faces…
Common boys… lets go look for some REAL food .. before i pass-out ;P

Here’s the resident DJ looking as hungry and pissed-off as me.. Poor guy! It’s gonna be a long night for some, i tell ya ;P

The quest for food.. is quickly concluded, when we see,


You’ve got to LOVE Bangkok! What’s there not to love??? Street-side food stays open till the WEE hours of the morn… Is it any wonder that I keep going on and on about the food here.

This is my favourite sort of cuizine! Say what you like , but i have never, EVER, gotten sick from eating street-side food in Bangkok.

You will notice that their streets are CLEAN, their back alleys spotless and their toilets ODOURLESS!

Even their stray dogs are gorgeous and NON-mangy.

The Thais are really hygienic people. I think Malaysians could learn a thing or two from the Thais. Really.

Here it is! Yummie (un-debatable), hygienic (debatable), street-side noodles ! 😛  See the cubic blood.. the innards.. the animal fat… the stuff that real food is about! Take it .. or leave it.

Me… i’ll take it … over Sirocco’s and Vertigo’s fine-dining… any day.



Street Food : 9/10
MSG Levels: Nil
Fish sauce: sky high!
Sugar:Sky High!
Price: extremely cheap 🙂

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  • Julian Si says:

    DITTO! Having lived in Thailand for a couple of years … STREET food beats anything one can find in Vertigo, Sirocco, Banyan Tree et al …

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