Juicy Couture & The Loaf @ Pavilion Shopping Center, KL

What can i say… sometimes i wish i LIVED here! I mean, Juicy is just so sunshiny-happy.. that nothing bad could ever happen here! haha… (sounds like b’fast at tiffany’s or not?!)


Owned by the Liz Claiborne fashion company, Juicy is famous for their terrycloth and velor tracksuits.


PINK reindeer wall deco… girls you’ve got to love it! But what I love most about Juicy are their KILLER ATTITUDE slogans !!!!

If you don’t believe me, check out the stores… slogans that often adorn Juicy apparel, such as

“For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff”
“Smells Like Couture”
“Viva la Juicy”
“Her Royal Juicyness”
“Wake up and smell the Couture”,
” The Joy Only Bling Can Bring”,
“Peace, Love, and Juicy”
“Have a Juicy Day”,
“Dude, Where’s my Couture?”… AND… my ALL time FAVORITE…

“Go Couture Yourself” !!! (killer or not?!)

Anyway, amazing amazing apparel… and tracksuits in every shade of the rainbow! What’s more, i walked right into a 30-70% sale discount ! Well chuffed i tell ya!

Anyway, I always wanted a pink tracksuit with some BLING for comfort(and glamour!) especially on “red eye” flights, esp to the US of A… so this was wot i bought… gorgeous rite ??! ( You can’t really see it in the foto, but the numbering is totally BLING;P)


Mmmm… ok ok.. i digress.. so back to the food blog…

Today, we had lunch at …

THE Oaf! .. oops.. i mean .. the LOAF!

The Loaf, a bakery cum restaurant more famously known as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s joint venture with Chef Yukichi Matsubara, that offers healthy refined Japanese style breads as well as savouries and pastries. The restaurant is located upstairs of the bakery and is supposedly pretty good.


Ok, so the place looked cool enough.. had all the hallmarks of a contemporary sassy dining joint..
But what about the food… ?

The smoked salmon scallop salad was fantastic! Soft, luscious, zesty and rounded aromas and textures assaulted our taste-buds…
An extremely effective starter.. to get you hankering for more, if you ask me.. ahem..
The Blue Tuna Carpaccio was executed to perfection. The coriander and sweet tuna explosions with every bite, sent goose bumps down our spine!

Could the Loaf live up to all that talk about town, i wonder.. we waited with bated breath for the main course…


As we were both in DIRE need of a PASTA fix, we both decided to order the Alio Alio Prawn Spaghetti.

Where it is! They were generous with the prawns and the pasta was cooked with enough resistance to the tooth. Hmmm.. i was surprised.. I was half expecting to be totally let down, as with most “ALL SHOW NO GO” restaurants …. I was wrong.. the pasta was.. tres tres exquisite… 🙂

Well, a pretty satisfactory meal I would say… we had just enough time to RECOUP.. before the next spat of shopping… ah.. this is the life ;P

Price: high side
Service: 6/10
MSG levels : nil

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