Restoran Wong Soon Kee @ Subang Jaya

You will need to pay close attention to this blog…

Are you?

OK.. what you will soon see.. are photos of my Favouritest most BESTEST fried chicken place in the world!

It only opens at 2.30pm..!


And the uncle fries and fries in his boiling wok…


Until everything HABIS!
It’s so HARDCORE it’s unbelievable!
The reason it only opens at 2.30pm is to give the other Hawkers in that coffee shop a chance to sell their food.. can you imagine how popular this “uncle fried chicken” is??!!
Anyway, say no more…
PRESENTING… fried chicken.. my heart.. my love… my all..


Dash of seasoning and salt. Not over-powering, not too salty… just enough flavour to bring out the sweetness of the chicken.


The skin is thin and crisp. Not hard.

I just died and went to heaven.

Chicken :9/10

Price: rm3.50 for drumstick, rm3.00 for breast, rm2.50 for wing!

Coffee Shop Wong Soon Kee,
Subang Jaya 14/1,
facing the housing area
( across from commercial centre and collages)


  • jason says:

    Hi there, dropping by from sister Lemongrass’s blog. Nice pictures you have there 😉

    Subang is one of the territory I seldom venture in… cos I don’t drive! >_<

  • CUMI &amp; CIKI says:

    hi jason! yea, u shld try the fried chicken if u gt the chance. I checked out your blog and it’s cool! wow.. you cook?! me .. pandai makan only.. 🙁 lol…

  • Julian Si says:

    Wow! This sure is an early blog of yours. Leng Chai uncle eh …

    Haha, thanks to Masak-Masak for sending me YOUR way 🙂

    Hugs from the Middle East!

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