Gyuniku Beef Noodle House @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

DSC04820 If you are looking for Beef Noodles set in a comfortable atmosphere, and don’t mind paying more for your meal, than at the coffee shops (or road side stalls), then Gyuniku Beef Noodle House will suit you just fine 🙂

The place is cozy and really cute! They even have this “pseudo-volcanic” stone floor concept going on… pretty cool …


Presenting, my favourite dish at this restaurant (which you will not get at your regular roadside beef noodle stall)…. BEEF TONGUE!!! Ooooo… soft and sweet and oozing with juice and flavour! This is the bomb! Don’t forget to order this as a side dish.


And then… as if that’s not enough… enter the beef brisket and TENDON noodles..! Man … just look at the tendon! It’s soft and cartilagous and magnificent. Melts in your mouth like butter over a flame.. killer! RM8.00 for this baby.

The Beef Noodle straight up is not bad too. The Beef strips are obviously harder, and less melt-in-your-mouth than the tongue or tendon. This bowl costs RM8.00 as well.

And finally, the claypot brisket and tendon… similar to the bowl of brisket tendon but the claypot sauce is FAR more thick and sweet. RM9.50 for this beauty and it comes with dry noodles!


One other thing to note, the people at this Noodle House really take their filtration seriously i tell ya. I mean look at this… You don’t need to worry about getting amoeba poisoning here!

Tendon : 8/10
Price: high end compared to stall food
Service: good
MSG levels : moderate


  • Precious Pea says:

    May I know where exactly where is this place? Tendon looks good. But ahem..cow’s tongue…er…how it tastes like?

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    It is the row behind Denise Wines @ Hartamas.. I.e. walk to the back of Denise and turn right…. walk down and you will see it .. gud luck 🙂
    Here’s the add incase:

    20 Jalan 28/70A,
    Desa Sri Hartamas KL

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    How does cow tongue taste…? wot can i say… it’s indescribable.. either u totally love it or hate it.. haha… its an acquired taste 🙂

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