Restoran Bawang Merah @ Subang Jaya – Nasi Melayu

Bawang Merah is this cute lil cafe in Subang (opposite SJMC/Sheraton Subang) which serves Malay Food in the comfort of air-conditioning and nice deco!

The people who eat here are mainly the folks who work across the street … and some other subang folk.

I had the Soto Ayam.. which was a BIG mistake. It was sooooo small, with just a few STRANDS of chicken, and it cost RM4 bucks!! Eek.. never again… Later, i was told that it’s the nasi melayu you should eat… aiiya.. now only u say!
DSC04722 DSC04724

Very HOT and fresh chili.. I LIKE! 3 types to be exact!


VIOLA! The Nasi Melayu! Very yummie.. the beef rendang is gorgeous – meat is well marinated with just enough cartilage and resistance.. The flesh just falls off the bone of the chicken! The pucuk paku is rich, aromatic and succulent..

NOT CHEAP! Cafe style.. waddaya expect 🙂

Food: 6/10

Service : self service!

Price : for what it is, price is on the high side

MSG levels : nil


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