Burberry Blue Label – Shopping in Ginza

Shopping Post… I like !!!

When we got to Tokyo, we were told that there was this delightful line from Burberry… called… Burberry Blue label… Being the ‘shishi‘ pharmaceutical employees that we are, we couldn’t resist the exclusivity of the whole deal.. i mean… how nice is that.. telling someone you got a handbag… that is only made for the Japanese crowd… only made in Japan…. Too cool.

So where does one go to do shopping in Japan.


Of course:P

On the way to our destination, we passed the Ginza station, and the most expensive car (according to our tour guide, Andre ( don’t ask me why he has a French name)) in Japan.

Also, according to Andre, as you move UP-market in Tokyo, the looks of the women go DOWN-market.., like I am talking old ladies dress to the hilt in LV and PRADA… so sad…

The sassy Shinjuku chicks were way cuter… for sure..

very cool bill boards in Ginza



…and happening… !

In Ginza, everyone makes a statement. Like a truck paid exclusively to drive round in circles, announcing the opening of Armani at Ginza tower…

…see what i mean.

Ah… we finally get there and its still open.. thank God.. !(As you can see, the quality of this photo of Burberry is way better than all the previous photos, simply because i literally stole this pic from my colleague. He is a very very good photographer.. unlike moi. I was so excited when i saw the place, i forgot to take a photo… how hectic is that..)

Anyway, you want to know which bag i got right???

Ok, ok..,

THIS ONE !!! So cute right? Pink and all and super trendy….

but… this other one was insanely gorgeous as well. My colleague bought this one … and after we left I was jealous I didn’t buy one too :(:(


can go back again and buy, right?


nice innit ?!

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